Toc caters to Ap and big spenders

I’m still in shock these factions get a free do over, had it been a mid range or f2p faction eliminated from the tournament I doubt scopely would give them this type of special treatment, watch them lose again in the wildcard bracket and get bailed out yet again money talks.


Forum: Your ToC format is ass and you didn’t explain how it was which left it open to exploits

Scopely: You are right, we’ll take on your feedback, attempt to correct the format and make improvements going forward to rectify it. We’ll also give those affected by exploiting regions a second chance.



Correction - Scopely only cares about Ap the biggest whales in rts they just gave all the factions that were eliminated a do over to attempt to hide any favoritism towards Ap but it’s clear as day with this event now.


It’s simple: just don’t care


Meh it’s just to keep the regions in it placated and those not jealous… everyone looses.

ToC as far can tell is working as per design… it’s turning everyone against everyone… general uproar. And whilst its going on the cooperation is broken down and all attention is on this not anything else. Except S class obviously… an both these have been money earners


This is not the time to argue over a broken tournament.

If the community is fighting each other then we might as well all put down our phones and stop playing the game.

This event was broken from the start. It should never have been started this way. But it is not the fault of any faction - it’s purely the fault of Scopley.

If we start to name shame then we have all lost a great deal.

Who cares about ToC anyway? It is still flawed and broken and imo lost all sort of relevance now even with the change. So how about we just get it over and done with and start focusing on the real issues in this game?

Have a great day all :sunglasses:


They did not change it because of forums or our feedback. If that was the case they would have done so prior to the very smooth launch on Saturday.
They changed it because numerous top factions were eliminated, just like we (the community) figures would happen.
Now changing the event, mid-swing, doesn’t really affect me, in fact I’m very blasé to the whole thing because it doesn’t excuse the fact this is the cherry on top of a shit sundae that is Scopely. Still releasing premiers every week in addition to S class. Legacy ascendable state is the worst it’s ever been, and the general shady nature


Let’s just make another thread on this as there aren’t already 10 :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Honestly, we’ll never know. So your speculation is no more certain than suggesting they all got high on pancake batter and came up with the idea before the weekend.

The new format still won’t help dead regions score more points than active ones whether AP are present or otherwise, although I guess the presence of four regions will provide the big factions more opportunity to score big, and therefore carry their region.

Personally, I think the idea of a region vs region tournament was badly thought through, and I welcome the changes as an improvement on what is a car crash of an event. If that helps a few big factions have a second bite of the cherry, then so be it.

emphasized textI feel the same. While scopely is seriously not off the hook for this miserable tournament, letting the tournament continue 1v1 for another three weeks would have been even worse.

They certainly couldn’t have changed it now to 4 region on one side and four region on the other side. So this was the best solution.

Most of the people upset are winners from the first round, but I just don’t understand why they can’t have empathy and think about how they would have felt if they lost the first round due to some of the problems with the format. It really boggles my mind.

Plus, there isn’t even a reward for winning this tournament. The only rewards are prize boosts. Winner aren’t facing AP until the next round anyway. Blowing this way out of proportion.


imo they did good with this bad situation. The change was needed!


To the thread title, it certainly appears that way doesn’t it. I mean can we argue otherwise?

First crw my faction got screwed over massively via matching in the same way factions got screwed over here. We didn’t get a do over, it sucked balls.

They’re making this shit up as they go to maximize big spenders activity.



As I said to Bane above:

Regardless, the event was shit. Its slightly less shit now. Not sure why everyone is getting so wound up about that?

Remember, there are a lot of F2P accounts in the regions reinstated who will benefit here. This is not just about letting one or two big factions in the back door.

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Yes. I acknowledge their effort to change, but fuck them, it’s too late


they should just have a 30 v 30 war, against two top facs for 24 hours
with coin repairs prices as usual, people will spend either 1 hour on the side lines or coin 10k for the win

do it
do it now

So just more :poop::poop::poop: than usual.

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To be honest, the boosted medals on last weeks SR were amazing. I instantly ascended Earl so I could fast track my disappointment


i feel with S class now here, legacy ascenable wont ever happen

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Wildcard, eh? What about first 8 eliminated regions? :woman_shrugging: