Tobin(thought) specialist skill doesn't work anymore in SR

There is a bug where specialist skill from thought tobin doesn’t work in Survival Road(it is not getting the 20% attack per turn).

Maybe he was normalised by brand new free exclusive Christmas gift princess lol

It may b a visual bug or just a bug , we see so many bugs, we complain which is taken to the team by ahem … and no reply after that

It is related to this:

I think, on the easy stages, you kill all the enemies before your turn is complete and therefore the game isn’t processing that you have completed a turn.

Try starting a stage, defending with all five characters and you should see it start to work again.

Edit: yes it is, look at your active skills between the two screen shots. Both Carl and Sandy haven’t gained a turn on their bar in the second shot.

@GR.Scopely - another instance of the bug I raised last week. Any feedback on a fix?

@Kanaima - We will be pushing a new version soon that I hope will be fixing all those issues.

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Please no more forced updates not much space left for me

D_leting the game will free up some space

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