Tobin or follow up morgan

Which one in your opinion is better? I just pulled Morgan from the 5* wheel and almost have him maxed. I think tobin has better rush as in he hits 2 with 700% damage and gives 2 toons 60% attack while Morgan hits with 750% damage to 1 while giving 150% attack to himself. Morgan’s follow up is the only reason why I think he might be better

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Depends on enemy if they have payback obviously Morgan against other setups it can go either way.

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depends on the circumstance in my opinion. Morgan’s rush to one can be effective imo on a team that needs to do pointed attacks. Kill a toon with rush, same turn follow up and has +150% attack, focus is great too. Weapon 50% chance when killing an enemy to gain 100% ap.

Tobin imo is really solid against payback toons or on a team where you don’t have attack up rushes / active skills. On a roll buffs himself - his rush gives that buff and attacks 2 enemies which can be great against safe targets. His weapon allows him to be a toon that could be used on D too if you choose not to change it. I’ve used my Marlon and Rosie to great effectiveness since their basic attack gets incredibly high, add on something like attack up when taunted etc


Morgan…Tobin May hit a payback toon. Morgan can take out someone with rush then use the extra damage on normal attack on the follow up and maybe wipe out a red payback toon…

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With a command and some luck you can kill three with morgan all with rushes
Tobin hit wild and easy stopped by a negan or wayland

not always, dont always need to rush tobin. Pointed attack rushes are great - morgan, but tobin still has some good points. I’d run morgan > tobin personally but also depends on style of play

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