Tobin looks way too much like Nick from FTWD

I swear Nick even wore this outfit at one point, SMH scopely.

I always thought tobin looked like Nick but this pushes it over the line


That seriously made me laugh. I had a nagging thought who he reminded me of, but couldnt place it. Thanks for being on the same wavelength as me.

FTWD, is that where Daryl Dixon is from?


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Man that’s Nicolas Cage.

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Except Tobin is still a character on TWD RTS and Nick is not on FTWD. lol

Tobin is from the comics, and was introduced to said comics years before the role of Nick was ever cast. The appearance of Tobin in the game is identical to his comic counterpart.


I had thought the same when Lucas was released. Except the hair, he seems closer to nick.

Lucas looks like he’s 12

Flannel Friday tomorrow


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Nick is tanner. but the hair is the same

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