Tobin AR not working

… Cmon skoplay what r u doing

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It’s about time they nerf him or remove him completely from the game lol, he’s one of few characters capable of killing s-class


In what way is to not working? If you suspect a bug, try to get a video recording of it and post it in the Bugs section or tag LadyGeek and get it into her hands.


I’ve noticed some mulitperson ars are hitting wrong target occassionally. I’m sure they k me about it pointless to record it at thos point.

Yeah I’ve heard people complain about that. Has anyone asked @LadyGeek if that’s something they are aware of and are looking at?

I can’t submit a bug report of ‘it doesn’t work’. No one will look at it. I won’t submit a combat bug report without a video.


whats wrong with it>

They not hitting intended target just spraying randomly it seems

i use priya(lead), double tobin, pete, zander team. All i can say is… i never had problems with what you said, i use tobins from the beggining of my game ._. so… never actually heard of this problem before, maybe it’s new and it will happen to me idk

it isn’t recovering any stun since the last beta update!

What’s your game version? And if it’s never working, should be easy to recreate in friendly duels and get me a video to report it properly.

Maggie commando AR not working she only heals but not do any damage

What’s your game version?

I think it’s the last version of the game Google Store says that

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I run latest version of the game did update yesterday, now tobins dont recover stun, eric dont revive, tobin if you have toon locked to attack he just go wild on other toons randomly, raulito crosshair active is not working, maggie dont give dammage do i need to go on, oh and wait dont forget the broken arena where the game keeps crashing , the mesh 10000 and content2 error after yestersay

Yes same for me. I lost so much over this. I just wish we could get a update on what is going on

Please, video of any and all of these toons that aren’t working.

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