Tobin abs blue toon (Nicolas cage)

All these free to play players licking there’s lips over decap Sandy and disarm Bruce :joy::joy:

Keep on surviving

Well, in theory, f2p would crush Tobin if they use Bruce correctly.


Scopely: “Okay, okay, here you go, now you can combat all those Lydia teams!”

Scopely: Makes those suckers f2p

Scopely: Releases this bad boy



His Forehead looks odd

Hes badass don’t get me wrong, but that disarm makes him basically just another punching bag for your toons.


watch them release disarm resist mods or reduce cric skill

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you can’t disarm everyone at the same time unless you have multiple disarmers and there are a lot of moving parts like shields taunts stuns guardians etc. Disarm is a huge boost for attackers but not the silver bullet many hope to get.

But you can disarm one toon and use it as a punching bag. I personally always runs stun ARs on my teams so thats just even more toons Basically disarmed

Through a disarm on your attack team… Problem solve :laughing:

It is actually, you just have to learn how to use it propetly and on which team comp works the best, put a disarm with right mods and lead skill that proact 90% of the time fallow with a buff/debuff and a couple damage dealer and you got a turn 2-5 kill easily

my point still stands imo there are alot of stuff can go other way around because of factors like shields taunts stuns guardians resist mods, ap drain mods and even disarmer failing to land the crit and i already acknowledge that disarm is the ultimate boost for attacking but not the silver bullet some people hope and in this case disarm does not devalue any toon which is Tobin in this situation.

I’ll agree to disagree only two toons that are still outstanding in defense at least are Harper and Gabriel the rest of them are easily counter with the combo I just mention before, yeah sure she…t can go south due RNG on any case disarm or no disarm, but at least on my team comp I need two turns to charge ar’s for the full team and it’s over, if my disarm crits turn 1 90% well that’s a guarantee of winning I’ll say 95% of the raids, without a disarm I will drastically reduce that porcentage to %70 if not less and that’s a big change


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