To vets: when 5* were newish

…and 4* leaders like blue hershal were a common thing and 4* AOE abe was still desired/feared…How long did it take you to get your first 5*? and how long did it take to upgrade it?

For me… my first 5* was months of grinding wars for war crates and selling burts/basils/bennidicts for enough SP to get andrea 5* and several weeks to get my first radio and schoolbag…

How bout u?

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My first was yellow Ty.

Dogtags kept me from using leveled 4* with him, so I had to use a 2* to make up for it.

I used Ashley. 2 turn impair at 45 AP was excellent for a 2*. Should have used Cletus but his pigtail game wasn’t as strong

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The day i joined i pulled 5* rick and that was the week the game went live. At the time i just thought elite tokens gave 5* toons…


Blue andrea, after 7 months. Why? Simple, I had all blue characters, 4* abe, jesus were still raiding unicorns so I obviously couldn’t run with them. T4 was fairly easy to gain cause I got 5* gear even before I had 5*, but then I was faction oriented and was waiting for fac level up for better contribution, so 1 month later. Other toons in combo: 2x4* andreas, 4* carson, 4* dale.

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Took me over a year to get my first 5*, which was blue Andrea. She hit like a truck.

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Blue Mark on a ten pull one Saturday morning. Punching the air! The last forum used to complain about not having enough 5* toons but I always felt the number was right - they should have been hard to come by. Now everything is ten a penny and weapons and gear are the new 5*. Shame really

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You try out the t1 lvl 1 Morgan strategy?

I tried that. Almost worked sometimes sorta X/

Blue ty from the anniversary event :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Alica, in Spring 2016. Did a lucky 10 pull. Right after midnight. I was so excited i did not sleep that night.


Got Blue Andrea from ECT in the first week or so.

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I remember using Aaron for my team Leader, fourth Ultra I had ever get (First being Strong Maggie and Second being Telltale Mark, Third being Clementine.).

Unfortunately, the first Epic I had was Caroline, and second, Eugene. But still, when I managed to pull and get Caroline, I got so damn happy that I would’t stop jumping and yelping “I got one, I got one!”

Cringy, I know, but it was a lot of emotion since it was when the Tokens came by, and I finally had a chance to improve my Ultra Rare and Rare roster. It got better after I got Eugene, and pulled a Richard right after him.

A time when Epics were given great value and most Ultras were more like Epics and a lot of helpful during raids and everywhere else, even war.

Where did these days go…


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My first 5* character was 5* tough andrea, when she was given to the winner of the raid tourney.

Unfortunately the game had a huge bug during it and the Roadmaps all disappeared and the raid tournament with it. Lucky for me scopely gave out the 5* andrea to the top 3 Players for the week long bug.

This was also back when there were only 5* yellow tyresse, 5* red rick, 5* blue andrea, and i think they just came out with 5* green glenn.

The good days. Now it’s 6* characters EVERYWHERE.

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Players don’t have a chance to compete unless they get these Legends, and most are Pay to Win, which forces them to spend. Back in the time, to get good, you’d mostly had to improve things yourself.

It’s disgusting how you are inclined to do so just to get better rewards or even play well.


It’s just annoying nowadays…and I’m not inclined to spend anything on anyone.

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My first 5* was Shiva, first and only promoted toon I ever pulled in only $100. Had some issues to get her T4, as my teams were not really strong enough for the schoolbag roadmaps.

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Lol I rocked that green 4* Joshua lead effectively for a looong time. First 5 was Timmy (our regions first war) he sat a t2 for a long time as well till roadmaps rolled around

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Caroline…1 year 3 months into the game. Can’t recall how long it took to t4. I’m thinking immediately because I farm and had all the damn gear already lmao

Red shane using coins from offers on my first single pull. Also got 4 star red rick with my first real elite character token pull, so was very well off at the beginning, having a medium dropper back then was a big deal, and rick helped me through so many walker levels.

My first 5* was just a single token pull. Got a Blue dropper Hershel, held onto him forever. He now lies as used fodder for ascendence, rip.