To the people who keep up actual teams in walker hordes

There’s a special place in hell waiting for you, don’t keep the devil waiting.
Seriously, we are likely only going to get one hoardes event for milestones and all you can think is “Oh hurr de durr lemme put up 3 revives and 2 OP healers”
You’re subhuman.


You don’t have to win a battle for it to count towards milestone. I just burned like 8 tanks and fled every battle.


Lol, bit strong but I do agree. So much for players united. If I end up short of crossbones cos I can’t complete hoards I’ll just buy them.


“You can flee and it will be counted anyway” - that’s what those peeps say. That mode is broken itself. It needs to be improved, even a bit balanced. But we haven’t heard anything from Scopely so…

It’s actually more balanced than raids themselves IMO.


True, but we gotta do what we gotta do.

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Some people actually wanna win in the event, too. and to do that you need to have teams that are actually POSSIBLE to beat.




I’m not gonna flee on purpose and give people that are too stubborn to drop points.


Lol so you just want people to drop so you can win?


Don’t think he means win overall, just the matches so he can get milestones etc. Not much to ask

oh no! you just assumed Aeris’ gender. Aeris is gonna be more mad now! :joy:


Milestones are impossible for me to hit when every team is 3 Erics

You don’t need to win, just complete. It would be more helpful if you trolled at scopely for changing the goalposts in the last week.

If I was a bit nastier, i’d be writing something like “there’s an even nastier place in hell for people who wish it on people because they can’t win the game by themselves and need to cheat with others lowering their defences”.

But I’m not like that. I’m lovely.

I mean I just dis my 132 attacks and I’m not doing more.

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Wouldn’t matter anyway. game doesnt give zombie cards that can actually beat most 6 stars anyway so what difference does it make? Scopley doesn’t make games that can be win by playing. they only make games that can ve won by paying. So long as you never expect to be able to succeed at a Scopley game you’ll be fine.

  1. I am one of the ppl who actually like this gamemode and enjoy testing out my walker teams against different defenses.
  2. Please stop using the players united tag in every post you guys make. This was intended to show scopley that we work together to fix their game and improve the gameplay. It has absolutely nothing to do with these requests.

If you cant beat a defence, try something different. If the game is to hard, try harder.

If you want stuff for free and not actually play, go download idle heroes or afk arena.


how many cans you used?

That is not true. You only need about 6 or 7 cards that are crucial to beat any defence.

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But a lot of players struggle with hoards or just really dislike it. If they don’t complete it they won’t get a chance to get “f2p” piper and expand their “toolboxes”. A lot of the complaints seem to be about scopley not helping f2p yet it seems a large number of the player base aren’t prepared to help either.