To the people of Lewis

To my friends of lewis i dont know when ill be back but ive lost everything down to my phone and to sargasm i miss you guys and hope i can come back to you guys someday.

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I play BlueStack on the PC and sometimes on the phone;)

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lucky you. i had to borrow a device from a friend to post this

This is a sign from the gods!



Jingles come back :frowning:

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That really sucks and sorry to hear. Hope you get your pro back and phone sorted out :frowning:

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@Mr.Jingles There you are!

You’re always welcome back dude.

I may or may not have started a rumour that you died in a drug fueled orgy though when people kept asking where you went.


Mr. Jingles! We miss you. We were worried.

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We miss you Reg, hurry back! Ignore Hunter he suffered a head injury, or is about to anyway :grin:

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pppppft ill come back ASAP but with each day i fall further and further behind

freedom? doesnt feel like it cause im hooked to this damn game.

We’ll get you caught back up, just hurry back. You were kicked because war is coming up, but you’ll have your spot back the second you can get back on! :blush:

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thats to be expected. gocha boss

This old as fuck

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Indeed it is