To the community of twdrts

Hi everyone .
I just want to share an idea with the community
Well , we all know war rewards are completely worthless , while the only thing worth warring for are battle chest
So If everyone put a c team all players may have a chance to do 2 war in 6-7 mins
That means 2-4 battle chest
I would love all that chances for blue keys and 300 5* tokens more that a pull in an useless war wheel

I would but I’m not really warring, 16v16 and milestones killed war🤗

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What is your point in playing this game?
To get rewards?
To fight and win fights?

I choose option 2


Get a little bit better and win fights faster. Does the same trick for you and your opponents as well.

My faction is waiting 6 to 7 hours just to get the 8 to war. There are only 20 in the faction and no one wants to war anymore.

I bet that’s a problem when you run into a brick wall.

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yes this!