To spend necklaces early or late?


So I have collected some 34k necklaces so. My plan is to wait near the end and make an big purchase of what I want based off the total amount I receive during this event. Does anyone else follow this logic, or do you buy as you go?


I just save 24k and spend overflow in case i want that pos lucas lol


Get necklaces, buy T4 gear and upgrade a 6★, hit 2m in level up, get more necklaces, buy T4 gear… You get the idea.


I decided to get Lucas approximately 22 days into the event. So now the rest of the event is saving my necklaces to the last day to buy all the necessary gear for the legends I have and the epics who still need to be ascended.


Agreed with @Kanaima and @Locked-Away except I already got Lucas. I had only got 2mil for level up a couple times but with this event I have hit it all but one of the 24hr events. Having a T4 really makes it easy too.


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