To scopely, to PU, to all of RTS

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I am sure you cant answer this but i just wanted to ask, wtf happened in 2019 to bring RTS to the state it is in now? Did you get a new team, new game manager, new devs? Are you killing the game? Do you really just not care about RTS or the players? Will 2020 be the final year of RTS? Will it get worse? Will it get better? Seriously, what is going on/what happened?!

We have had the gap increase to a size unlike ever before.

We have had s-class toons come out and reset everyones rosters.

We have had the most op toons ever, some like payback and bide should just not exist but toons like zach and doc stevens are just op.

We have had a slow down on legacies and when we do get one, its a major let down.

Events have been poor for the most part, 4 year anniversary should had been the best event but it had one of the worst toons in game and most didnt even get him. Zhu, this Halloween event, the sombrero/beachball/seashells event, etc.

Every single event and update has had issues, bugs, people losing factions, people being locked out of the game, recieving 3* fIags for Michonne when they should be 5* fIags, etc.

Communication has got worse imo, much worse.

We found out that we are put into buckets based on our spending which changes the displayed odds.

So many things to list that im not going to bother, you get the idea.

Scopely has never been the greatest, that is just a fact and every company and game has its issues, no one and nothing is perfect but seriously wtf happend in 2019? RTS took a nose dive! It doesnt seem to be getting much better imo, just same old, same old with very tiny updates here and there but nothing to write home about. All of this lead to Players United, the players of RTS coming together in a show of force to put our foot down and demand scopely make changes and for those who dont know, i run the PU forums and i have other things i am working on for PU and i wont stop, ever! Imo i see PU extending beyond RTS or scopely to all games, platforms and game companies but i must be honest, my hope in this community and this game is not bright and i find it harder and harder to stay positive and to not just go back to full on trolling and for this, i also must say i am sorry but i just have not much hope left but i am trying. This is kinda just me bitching but will PU please stand up? We are still here, yes? Lets talk RTS community, whether you are part of PU, on PC, team scopely, anti scopely, etc. If you have anything to do with RTS, lets chat.

Sorry for the rant but it seems everyones fell asleep, so i felt the need to poke a bit.


When in doubt of your future, think short term.
Grab that cash … Grab it fast and damn the consequences.

Particularly at a rate of the degree of their addiction

Don’t forget the 20k war win bonus, that will without a doubt, be implemented everywhere

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The company Scopely saw some of their other games take off in popularity…new fish. New pond.

Just look at the reward structure and events they release that tells you exactly what they think of the players

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How dare you forget our beloved chihuahua plushies


Tldr version?

This PU member sat down and stepped out. Scopely doesn’t care about PU, the players, or RTS. It was time for me to give up.


There have been so many things that it’s impossible to remember them all.

Yeah our chihuahua plushies.
Those wasted sombreros etc.
Those excess yins and yangs.
Those excess blue keys in the Michonne Blessings wheel since you already got a Pete. (Why not use choice boxes with different quantities?)
And the territory bug which still haunts us everytime. :frowning:

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The nose dive is even more noticeable when you look back at the start of the year. We got Eric, Donny, Douglas, Guardian Rick as Legacies within the first 2 months all of which where relevant toons that still make up a lot of F2P teams. We had the Road Warriors event, while not easy, could land you a good toon that helped out a lot of people. Then we had the Michelle event. She had to be one of the best F2P attack leads given out in recent memory. Then basically after this everything just went downhill on record time. It’s almost as if they realized they were too generous and went 180 the other way to make up for it


I find it interesting that someone still cares about the game that much to take the time typing all that out.

Honestly, the forums are way more interesting than the game at this point.

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Great post that deserves a response by them but will never happen. Hard to stay optimistic these days so I fully support everything you said. Didn‘t work with optimism last months, haha.

Interesting…bc here u are as well…

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I’ve lost almost all the hope I had that this game would have any meaningful changes to close the gap. Sorry
All I can muster at this point is still coming to these forums and bitching when I feel I need to, continue to personally not spend, and try to just enjoy the things about the game I do still enjoy.


Yeah. Like I said. Forums are way more interesting than the game. Most of the time.

Well said.

When the $$$ is more important than the people providing you the $$$ you turn into scopely.

Customer retention is an important concept in most successful businesses. Scopely has no idea what that concept is about.


If i didnt care about the game i would just not play but i play cause i like the game and since i play i care about the state its in and that took like 5 min if that to type, swipe typing makes it super easy


This is what baffles my mind, i have a business, i run a trim company, grow company, delivery service and shop and i habe always thought long term, i want more and more customers, i love my customers, i treat them as friends, as family and they tell their friends and family to buy my product/service and i make more money, why scopely doesnt understand this is beyond me

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