To SCOPELY reopen top fac thread pls

Please reopen the long standing Top Facs thread. It said it was closed temporarily because of number of you know what’s, but I thought that was to clear whatever offended people and then it gets opened again, however, it’s still closed. LG advises to take it up with Scopely, hence this post. Although I’m not sure anyone from Scopely reads forum posts anymore, making an attempt. The thread has a lot of history in it.


Yeah open it back up


I am going to HuNgEr StRiKe for every day the thread is left closed

Day 1: i already ate some delicious taco bell for lunch but for the rest of the day i eat nothing!

Do you really want this on your conscious Scopez?


I will only eat taco bell every day until this thread is re-opened and only use the scopely HQ bathrooms


Yeah I need to know where top facs are so if they move into my region I know when they’ll ruin it

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This post has been removed

  1. Walkers
  2. VV
  3. DAR
  4. The Mighty
  5. SE
  6. CB
  7. Bio
  8. Mofos
  9. Le Circle
  10. Lethal Infection

Where’s Nightmare? I can see this list offending their leader, sad to say. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But yeah, the top fac thread deserves to be open.

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Lots of discussion last time need to see them in action this weekend

This is the thread to reopen the other thread not to put lists in!

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  1. VV
  2. Walkers
  3. Mighty
  4. DAR
  5. CB
  6. Bio
  7. Le Circle
  8. Infected
  9. Lethal Infection
  10. Some Japanese faction.

Solid list



Yes open the egos of rts thread please scopley we need some laughs


DAR sucks

language young man

This is only for hunger strikes and pleas to open the other thread

Relax your forum rules scopely overlords. We are all playing an adult game and let us have some fun please :grin:

Doubt they will reopen it they like to protect sheep.

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Nothing in the forum rules keeps them from clearing any offended messages and reopening it, that’s the normal thing