To Scopely Live Ops: CC: Kalishane


@kalishane, I know you cant do anything but this is a continuation of consistent problems that we would like LiveOps to see, and respond to.

Does the consistent forum posting hating on the prizes and the constant anger of changing faction based events into a Glory War regionally amuse you? Are you not entertained? What is with some of the prizes lately? 2 million milestones onnsolo level up for 1\12 of a t4 6 star, and not even a universal item at that, for this weekend followed by top 2 prizes so reviled the second place item was pulled off the older 5 star token wheel when it was revamped. so many have used her in spades to ascend others it is absurd, maybe holding one on the hope that the next major TellTale event with feature ascrnding TT toons.

So why did she need a prize slot for second behind Original Blue Romanov, a toon many dont use to begin with before ascending went live? Are these new Surprise Prizes, which many are saying merits a Vacation because spending to get them is tantamount to burning money, going to be unmentioned Surprise Ascend toons? If not, the gear is nice, but not quite worth it on its own unless youve bought doubles of every 6* available and low on gear already. (Most of us are finally near or at this point if we jumped on early, but not near enough to be wasteful for a chance at some gear). 3-10th, for 10k tokens, at leadt gives us a shot at acquiring an ascendable, or the same amount of Fodder otherwise.

Whats the goal here guys? Somehow it seems like everyone has a goal, Management wants to slow hitting the ceiling so they order gear to be chokeheld and throw out packaged offers on endless loop. LiveOps wants to keep growth occuring and offer ‘Good’ Prizes, not realizing the ones they put up are so far outclassed it only exists to Feed the Blood God in his Marble Tower. And Kalishane is looking like she wants to get wveryone on the same page and being either given the Mushroom Treatment or doesnt have enough clout as of yet to get anyones attention.

The meme page that is on here has a lot of honest and yet satirical opinions how many players are viewing the game. People are spending still, but every day regions are reporting bigger players disappewring, retiring, or going f2p. Yet no one addresses how this is really affecting you, and the answer really can only be one of two options. Its causing a severe impact and its being covered up, or its not doing anything because There’s One born every Second.

I am hoping to see more of Scopely’s Staff besides the CM come to address the various issues here, but I think we would at least like more of an answer how LiveOps decides what events need aside from guessing or a dartboard of prizes.


The prizes… I’ve begun to expect to disappoint. And my participation in the tournaments will reflect that. It’s the greatest way to show your disapproval considering saying it on the forums has been beaten to death and repeated. We’ve given enough feedback I don’t see the point in wasting breath on it anymore.

I’m expecting it to stay “meh” for a while and continue to displease before they take whatever time it takes them to come up with a new formula. But by the universe itself how did we downgrade to the point where 3rd is now consistently grouped in with 4-10? Prizes are going to keep disappointing until they really start to get it, that’s apparent. And I’ll just tough it up and stock up for when it starts to get good while others waste resources. But why are they even touching 3rd place? That goes beyond prizes that “won’t please everybody”. That just doesn’t make sense. It’s a step backward. There need to be MORE brackets to place in if anything.


Its a shame that listening to “us” seems to have halted.

They have the feedback and continue to dish out ‘rewards’ which are sub par even for those not used of winning.

Maybe they are all sadists who find it amusing. Or its a social experiment to see how far you can push people before they become so fed up with the game that they quit.


Its the Stanford experiment in socioeconomic format. They the jailers and us the prisoners?


You know what Id like to see…milestones in tournys having Prestige Tokens instead of these ass backward elites.