To sandy owners

I got a wee bit lucky and just wanna know if she hits hard enough as a 6* to kill two people with waste not
what lvl I need her ar and active to be usable
And finnaly what weapon to go for

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I love her and she’s a staple of my melee attack team, waste not can kill 2 people but usually kills one and damages another.

The main reason shes so great is that massive debuff, defo worth investing adens/lilliths into

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Luv her. Hope others don’t get her. :grin::grin::grin:

One of the best attack chars in the game.

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She’s a pretty hot toon so yeah she
does hit hard. :wink:

Team her up with Yellow Dwight in faction assault. First hit something with dwights AR then hit it with her’s the same round. Wow your faction mates with the score you put up:)

I love Sandy in general and I’m working on Ascending that one right now. Excited to have her be apart of my team.

Hopefully you are going for the RTP Rick. Both of them paired will be insanely strong, a fantastic way deal with all the free to play Blues

I’m actually waiting for connor reason is I have josh as well haven’t ascended so imagine if I went connor lead with josh and sandy I’d go Rick but I don’t know if Id get all the tokens for him
I’m thinking josh behind Connor and using sandys rush and Connors together could be nice

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