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Its take more any news? Thanks

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How long do those terms hold up?
4days and waiting


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2 more days bringing it to 4 days now, and yet no sign of any improvement nor communication nor any proof of good will from Scopely.

Seems that ‘‘very very shortly’’ is the new ‘‘soon™’’ !

Anyways, thanks for trying @GR.Scopely but honestly am done.



What if the Weekly Missions and Survivor’s Club update is the initiatives coming our way?

That would be very disappointing, they better have something better in mind.


We’ll get back to you very shortly


Here come those trinkets and baubles.


Parece político brasileiro ninguém confia mais em vocês.

A player councel? So you’ll pick a handful of the biggest spenders you can find and ask them what they’d like? Right.

I really don’t believe a word you guys say


I will be honest and say it is one of my main concerns also.
For such a council to work it has to be truly representative of the community.

But let’s wait and see how they intend to play this one out :blush:

I just get depressed to see a new event tab get lit up just to have pay to participate, I understand you need to make bank, but it’s stuff like this that caused me to walk away for 5 months.


Mais do mesmo :expressionless:

To be honest the cynic in me says the “players council” is a deliberate divide and conquer move by Scopely as they know that, unless it’s democratically elected (which isn’t feasible in an online community), players are going to spend more time arguing about who is or isn’t on the council than anything else, particularly if Scopely pick and choose. In the spirit of #united, one needs to give it a chance though.


Scopely é uma boceta que rouba dinheiro

Has this “Promise Roadmap” launched yet, I don’t see it? What kinda energy and how much will refills cost to play it?

Call it what it is:
A) a stall tactic
B) that sounds good but without authority to fix anything

Just think how well they listened to the war reset poll


Basically saying they will make certain changes by a certain date.

It all depends if there’s any changes of substance and if they can keep to it… Vs more worthless pledges made in Albert Weis letter


Bane, LadyGeek, Wanderer, Kookland and Lockdown for councillors Please🤗


Ladygeeks a Scope Bot I think not

She’s has better game knowledge than likely anyone… but what’s the response if only game yes-people are placed?

That formally means the shows over

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Lol so you want a scopley cheerleader like kookland deciding what direction the game is going to go ? Interesting

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