To our Player Community

First of all, thank you to our amazing community of passionate players for sharing this statement with us. Your feedback is well articulated to help guide our efforts to make our game the awesome experience our players deserve. We are just as passionate to deliver that to you.

We acknowledge the points you’ve outlined and understand how important it is for you to see improvements so you can keep enjoying the game you love and fight for. To that end, we have been working on a number of things we believe will not only improve the game experience, but also allow for more community input and visibility into our progress.

What this will look like:

  • A Player Counsel: a brain trust of committed, engaged, and passionate players to help us to craft a collective vision forward
  • A set of Promises: a set of statements and commitments that outline what we strive to deliver for you in our game
  • A Promise Roadmap: a timeline with milestones to be regularly updated that calls out what we are doing and when to expect it

It takes a lot to build, maintain, and operate a rewarding experience for all of you, and we appreciate you working with us on next steps. We will start by crafting this vision with all of you now; however, please know this process will take time and will evolve as we go.

Your post is an excellent starting point and gives us a perspective on the way the players currently experience our game.

With collective input, engagement, and alignment on vision, we are confident that together we can build the type of experiences that entice, excite, and delight. We don’t believe it is possible to do this without the help of our most avid players.


Yeah yeah, we heard this before with Albert. Hopefully you stick to your word this time :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thank you scopely for finally listening to the players, but just don’t make a albert wei letter again


No! This is bad news! Please no, God no!!!


@Bane better lead the round table discussion.


I’m willing to bet my life’s savings that this “player counsel” is gonna consist of whales. It’s nice for scopely to respond to the post though.


Doesn’t matter whom on the counsel as long as they are there with the players in mind.


this is a win…and yes mix f2p and p2p on it


Even the whales in this game realize that f2p are being smothered. Whales or not, the fact that something like this is even being discussed is awesome.


We’ve heard it all before. Actions speak louder than words


No offence but I would take any scopley statements with a grain of salt. Anyone can claim they’re gonna do this, that and fix all the games problems. I will believe it when I see it and with scopleys track record with fixing issues. They might be able to get all your concerns addressed my 2032.


ffs stop …this is a step.

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Thanks for the acknowledgment hopefully this really turns out to be more than merely that moving forward.

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its the whales that started the united thing so they dont want bad for us probably


Its not a step until its put into action. Guess time will tell


First and foremost, we’ve heard this before. Albert sent a letter out eons ago, it was filled with fake promises.
Secondly this doesn’t stop the movement. Words are cheap and until this company has proven themselves, we still are United in our cause!!


Agreed. Needs a good mix of spenders and f2p. And not just the f2p in top factions, but also the very active ones in mid level factions


This won’t waver our stance on our ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■. Words are great and all but until this game has changed exponetially for the better, this movement will not end.


Thanks Every Player who joined @playersunited !

Thanks scopely for listening us!

Definitely a step in the right direction.

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