To much un happy Players retire


Why is scopely zo rude again there loyal playes ,you dat we lieten to them but vice them the vinger, lvl up 2mil Mildstone, now lvl up 1.25 mil for a shit rewards. You expert your loyal players to do this without 6* Gear and lamé rewards , iam retire from this game what i lover to play but is killer by scopely and there fake quotes



favorite gif ever


Yes its funny to everyone for now but wait till it starts getting noticeable in your region. lol.

Losing While Winning ;(

Oh, I’ve noticed…


Preach man, my region has went from 39-42 active factions and since the whole “fixing war” and “lets make 6*s ungodly” its dropped to 22…that was as of 2 weeks ago…weve have another 10+ quit so probably 20 active factions now only 10 who war more then 15 times a weekend…while I agree with you its not funny…it could be prevented.


it is in mine it sucks


I had my first interaction with in game support today after playing for about 5 months. After this interaction, no resolution to my issue, and support just stopping responding I’m pretty much no longer wanting to play.


Don’t worry…they almost never solve the issues…only send some copy/paste messages to all without solve something …they do this with me for a long time.for example i was have problems in 1 war.i used 1 war refill and i use 1 energy and the others 3 have dissapeared…and i send messages to scopely and the response was no one have this problem until to me and i need to record when i play…seriously?i will record 12 hours of playing for day to see scopely the glitches and errors and maybe if i can to solve myself the problem is better.they dont help us…they dont investigate the problems and give us a serious response or to solve our problems…thanks scopely again for all and i dont know why i send this message because is 0 like always.scopely want only our $$$$$$$.nothing more.sorry for my english…isnt the best…i know.


You are serious?i have school.dont worry.i am romanian and i live in spain then i talk spanish…romanian and english.i know my english isnt the best but u and the others can understand me.but you know another language?i dont think so…and with 29 years i think i have more school like others my friend.i think you are 1 of the haters :slight_smile: vaya con dios amigo.que tienes un buen noche.o seara buna si mult noroc prietene @Tillymook




Sorry about my exprimation…i finished my school 8 years ago.i want to say i have studyed at my time…


And for my profile you can study with 29 years…until finish 5 years the university and doctorate to be veterinary you can study with 29 years :wink: but i finished my studies.