To many level up


There are to many level up 7 last month there is going to be 3 in the 1st 2 weeks of the month absolutely ridiculous can I get more raids even or something new event wise


and guess what? Two more scheduled for next week lol


Keep surviving!


Just play the ones you want. Why have no tourney??


I wanted to complain about these, but I’ve been getting solid legendary gear so, meh/.


Exactly! Give me more! lol


I remember when there were hardly any solo lvl up tourneys…


My region gets hit with extra tournaments because we had 1 faction jumping around uses up dead factions assault points so scopley would add extra team events to slow them down from doing it


So thats the real reason why some regions are getting extra events? lol


Guess we should start jumping around stealing assault tickets so we can recieve these extra events :sweat_smile:


And all the complaints demanding more tourneys.


I remember when level ups were added to the game. It was like that is the dumbest thing to do! They wanted you to buy\ get character’s, then sit on them till a level up started to use them. It was\is still so counter productive to the game play.
But when it comes to dumb things added to the game, level ups are at the bottom.


if prizes were more interesting it would be not so wierd to have them always.

It would also be nice to have ascendables paired with level ups like the Joshua stash or the rick and shane promo.

I like level ups but I feel like anything raid related has died.

I’d love like some sorta 42 day event where raids drop weapon tokens :slight_smile:


Give sr or raid all this damn level up you can never truly recover from it I think I farmed once in the last month maxed with road maps everyday way to hard


what he said



and he what agreed with the other guy’s comment
(I hope it sounds English enough)


If prizes were better there would be more complaints since more would feel compelled to participate. It is meant to be treated like athe silver radio road map. Play when you like.