To make survivor club worth it

One thing that’d make it worth the cash is if it had the ability to skip battles. Not like tokens but actually simulate the battle with toons and helpers like you played it without the animations. Of course you could still lose but you wouldn’t need to complete the battle before using it

Um no. Just no.


Well, for me it’s been totally worth it. I already pulled 6 Legendarys and quite a few 5* toons with the free pulls. Member since it officially launched. Unfortunately only two of the legendarys were on my main server.


Well I haven’t pulled 1 5* with my free pulls. I haven’t even pulled 2 legendaries with my last 200 regular pulls. Consider yourself in the lucky 1% that have benefited from those free pulls

I’ve gotten nothing but 4★’s from every Premiere Recruit’s wheel. If ppl pay money for this club, why should they receive 4★’s on every pull?

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