To kick off a melee team, who would be the best to ascend?

To start, I know Maggie will most definitely be off the table to preserve a reviver/commander and Vincent may stay 5⭐ to be the leader. I don’t have anyone who can inflict anything like confuse so there’s Shiva, which could be useful alongside Stun. Gator provides defense which I don’t have, plus a fast attack/crit buff and camo which I haven’t enjoyed since I used Barker. Lastly, Rick of course can take blues. His rush is max so, stay I guess? Here’s the rest of my epic melee roster.

Unincluded is Kenny and AOW Rick. I’m a Holster short of Zeke.

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Shiva will help the most, and can be used very efficiently even behind 5* vincent. Gets hit a few times, has a rush strong enough to kill a toon and confuse 2 others.

I would run Vincent 5* , shiva 6*, wyatt 6*, SR zeke and rise 2 power rick.

Swap rick for maggie if you have toons dying often, but SR zeke should prevent that from happening


I would generally say that it’s best to ascend a leader first. You still get 6* stats in a toon, but it really breathes life into your whole team. My recommendation would be to ascend Vince first.

Shiva is a very close second, and depending on your situation, might still be the better choice. If you’re finding a lot of stun guns or abs def weapons in your region, Shivas active skill might be more worthwhile. You would need to bring it to lvl 5 to get the most out of it, so if you’re not getting Ulysses on occasion, don’t rush to that choice.

I have both. I don’t really use Vince except on defence. I use Shiva all the time. When you have a bunch of 6*s it might be the same for you, or the meta might be very different. Still, I recommend a leader first, always. Then start working on specialists.

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You need a leader with a leader skill. Rick or Vincent. What would you rather have?

Rick - All fast teammates get +40% attack and a huge bonus to AP when attacking.

Vincent - All melee teammates get +40% HP and a huge bonus to AP when taking damage.

Do you want to make an offensive or defensive team is another important question. Do you want to use strong characters more than fast characters, or the other way around? You have fast characters that I would rather use over strong characters, and Wyatt can fit on a team with Vincent’s leader skill, but not with Rick.

If you want a no bullshit straight to the point answer of what I would do, I would choose Vincent over Rick, and Wyatt has no leader skill. Vincent isn’t prejudice to a certain trait, he lends his leader skill to all melee while Rick only lends his leader skill to fast trait characters.

Side Note: Factor in what type of weapons you have and what they do, whether they are (Absolute Defense) or (Revive) etc. they make all the difference in what type of teams you put together.

Shiva especially for attack. Run her behind sr zeke once you max him. Could run sr zeke lead, 6 star shiva, Maggie as is, rick as is, And Wyatt and it would be a pretty decent attack team I’d say. Need to max zeke and get Shiva ascended and t3d to be most effective though.

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My ideal team is an all-around team capable of supporting/healing/controlling as well as being on the offensive. As far as weapons go, I have a hard time getting desirable special traits. I could try crafting Shiva’s class but the best I could probably get is Reflect out of bonus def. Same for fast weapons, as all I get is “bonus def when enemy’s HP”

@SteveSanguine Haven’t seen a lot of stun guns in raids, save for some bots with shield Garrett and red Dwight. Abs Def is a little more common. Of course, I have Wyatt to take care of that.

So overall, the suggested setup is:

:arrow_up:Vincent (Leader)
Zeke (Leader)
Rick (Maggie if revive is needed)

Now between Zeke and Vincent, there’s a certain respect for having a stat boost. If Vincent helps the 5⭐s gain more AP if enemies decide to gang up on them, that would be good for Zeke and Shiva. So I should start crafting defensive weapons. Having Shiva ascended first could give an alternative when stun isn’t available as well as the rush possibly killing and disrupting two enemies. Plus, having another strong would help against Shieldchonne users. At best, while Vincent will still be weak on attack, he could be my second option, which will be slightly soon if we’re really getting Bennys as a reward for many future events. Rick third and perhaps Gator then. Does this sound good?

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Plus shiva can active skill stun michshields. Definitely vincent after shiva, unless you get carl before you have enough to ascend him

2nd on if you get Carl in the meantime, would be a great lead.
Would ascend Shiva next and then Maggie tbh
On atk >Leader SR zeke, Wyatt, Shiva, Rick, Maggie.
Wpns Abso def for yellows, stun for greens, large-huge AP bonus and 30% atk/def or hp.
At least that’s how I run my team, I have neither Shiva or Wyatt, just going by my battle exp against them.

Shiva. Solid in offense and defense.

Rick. Solid in offense. OK in defense if you have alot of absolute defense.

Maggie. Good in defense. Can extend a battle. Meh in offense. Her 5s won’t really help you long term so don’t let that weigh into your decision making command may be usable with absolute defense but she will be squishy.

Vincent. Meh in both offense or defense. Worth it if you don’t have a alternate lead. Wouldn’t rush ascending him, others are. More practical and balanced.

Gator. No. Now that we have dedicated drop selection his value just plummeted and. Made him the… Gator of the 6s Era lmao

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He that bad relatively? He always kind of seemed like the better WWD Michonne when I saw him. I’m gonna keep using Rosa though.

Yea his relevance got faded out when they let us use our real defense but still have drop leads. Rosa does the job just fiiine

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It’s just that people say extra defense is better than HP and it could help on those all-blue SR stages while adding a drop bonus.

I would ascend shiva first, as well. One of the top toons to this day, she can be used on atk or def, holds her own vs reds, eats yellows, and confuse just swings the battle in your favor.

Suggested team: sr zeke lead, 6shiva 6wyatt command maggie command morgan

Greatest weakness: the gov :frowning:

My Mirabelle has eaten blue legends who would gang up on her. Hell, I’ve even seen Wyatt take a beating from Mirabelle, Cain, and Prestige Gov. Lilly and Tripp pops off turn 3 and anyone Mirabelle hits, even legendaries can be dropped in a hit dealing over 1k damage. It’s about offensive power. If Gov and some reds take shots at Shiva, it’ll only raise her AP higher behind a Vincent lead. She pops off and the target’s dead and two enemies will have a probability of not being on their side for 1-2 turns.