To ascend, or nah?


I got a maxed 5* ascendible Shane loitering about in my roster, don’t have any other ascendibles left. I’ve heard he’s mediocre, but at the same time could always use a 6* ranged healer; Is he at least worth it enough for sacrificing his 24% crit to ranged/medium drop lead or should I just keep saving my fodder/medals? For ranged 6*'s, I already have Mirabelle/Eugene/Ty/Gov/Siddiq/Yumiko btw.


Not worth it IMO


Better used as a 5 star


Is Eugene a healer? Been too long since I’ve read his card.

No, he’s not. I have faced Shane once. He’s got a great heal and his rush is rather fast.


Nah. Eugene only cures stun/confusion/hits 3 for 350% damage.


I have one also to ask.
I have a Miraboobs and I have both Eugene and Shiva to Ascend.

The Leader Skill with Eugene will give him a really nice buff but Shiva is overall a better toon with her amazing AR.

So I am not sure who to do first.


As a Eugene owner, I’d say he’s a turtle and I just wind up using Shiva over him despite the lack of lead covering Shiva with Mirabelle. That confuse AR + stun active really helps chow down A.D shieldchonnes and similar like cake.


Wait for the list…unless you are raining in ascension medals and Bennys.


He’s a 6* healer, that’s pretty much it. He’s never been an issue for me in raids and I wouldn’t put him into a raid offense. I can see him being useful in SR.

My thoughts are not to ascend him. I’m sure you’ll get someone else soon, probably in the new event that Kalishane is hinting about.


like others he is easily killed until higher levels but it never hurts to have a healer especially a blue,if you dont use him for your main team you can always use him in sr and would be helpful


Save your medals for the Lori next week, Shane is total shite


Lori will be trash too!


Not worth it in any way. You can maybe think about if you have 3 or 4 of him :wink:


Nope… Not worth it.


Don’t make that mistake, keep him as a 5* his leader skill is super awesome


Whats her card??? Stats? Source??? :unamused:


I have the same question for everyone that says she is worth waiting for :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Keyword is WAIT…duh. :joy::joy::joy:
Your sayin she’s trash before you even know…people are saying shes worth the wait.
That’s not sayin good or bad jus sayin WAIT…right??


What’s the use in waiting? Just because you want something doesn’t mean it’s going to be good. By waiting you just put yourself behind the META


So whatcha sayin is waste right now on these toons…makes total sense. Wouldn’t wanna get behind oh smart one. :wink: