To all who got involved in #PU

It is just a start. This is a Marathon folks. We are starting to see some positive results, but it’s far from over.


I’m happy my 4 years worth of basic tokens are now worth something :joy:
Wish they added the ability to collect more than 10 at a time, it’s going to take me hours to collect the 15,000+ basic tokens I have saved up :rofl::rofl:

Yeah definitely, that’s what they do. Normally it’s another screw up to take attention off of whatever :joy: this time the opted to add something that’s been sorely needed instead. It’s a start though.


I am extremely happy that they made these updates. And if you all want to take a hunter percent credit that is great. What do these people that are complaining no matter what happens why in the heck do you still play the game?

Some of these wheels are just about your glory it’s about people that are still building. This just T guy my goodness dude you would cry if you got hung with a new rope. Let it go buddy it’ll be OK.

Or you only pull for fooder or when you want some new 5* for the arena

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Don’t worry about the reliva
But you should be proud you did 2 good changes
30 day and wheels
Focus areana make sure we can all promote are toons alike

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