Tires With coins, is it worth it?

Worth for 750 coins?

Or this for 75 coins?

Depends how desperate you are, 2k coins for a 30% chance at tires is awful imo. Both are appallingly bad.

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I would rather spend a few bucks for guareenteed results.

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Casi me gana la tentación de comprar eso (?, pero considerando que la mayoría de ocasiones los resultados en ésta clase de “Bolsas especiales” son bastante pobres…

Yo personalmente no te recomiendo comprar ninguna de las dos, en serio UwU.

Both of them are terrible. There was a $1.99 offer earlier today that gave 2 keys and 1,000 batteries and you could buy it twice. Much better offer.

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A total waste of money.

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