*** Tires Drop *** from Raids More Please!

Getting mostly just 3 tires per raid.

Could we please get this bumped up to like 10 tires minimum at least if not more sir @JB.Scopely


Its pretty hard to get 10 to drop. I burned 3 cans and got only 2 10 drops. Most were random inconsistent numbers like 7 or 2. Kinda bothers me actually.

I don’t think you’ll need it. I’m on circa 4k after having done the roadmaps today and maybe 7 or 8 raids. Appreciate the roadmaps aren’t fully accessible to everyone if you haven’t bought the starter pack, but if you are able to do them, you’ll be rolling in tyres… :laughing:


i guess it will be like the eugene evwnt where raid events will have more tire drops

i hope so. Like if they give us 2 to 3k tires every raid event we could hit the tires first then all we have to do is worry about the steering wheels instead of missing 5 tires at the end kinda like dwight’s gun.

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i missed eugene by 130 lillies…this event is giving me the chills already

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exactly. Steering wheels are guaranteed but tires are the problem

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It’s faster to earn 3 coins from watching tap joy videos than it is earning 3 tires from raiding :sneezing_face:



You got 2 tens from burning 3 cans aka 24 Raids?

I’m still looking for my first 10 to drop.

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@2xChances can we get an F in the chat

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According to my raid log: 42 raids and 159 tires for an average of 3.78 tires per raid


14d x 20 x 3.7 = 1036 tires on natural energy over two weeks

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U do realize we are going to have to work for them right?


It’s not if but how much.
It’s all about resources and mapping out a plan.

All the best F2Ps know that

Like if you don’t have 1.25m in the level up by tonight you’re 10 batteries short of finishing horsepower. That’s a big hit


Would need to use like 200 raid cans to get the rest of the tires

Raid drops are definitely way too small for my liking.

I hoped it was possible to get both Sandy and Bruce with mild pay and some hardcore grind.
From the looks of it, getting one of those 2 will require quite some effort.

I really hope they boost up raid drops, so people actually have a chance for these toons.

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @Wanderer @Kodak_black please make it happen. You guys got the magic in you. :grin:


@docmatix sorry boss but I got no skin in this game. I’m forced to just collect medals.

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I’ll take it to the team.


You’re the MVP. Dropping knowledge that these rookie F2Pers know nothing about.