Tires and wheels

how much cans did u guys burn?:slight_smile:

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I’ve been lackin’ over the weekend. Good thing I only want Sophia


Protip: 4x1000 just waiting for you

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100 f2p coins :ok_hand::ok_hand:


Getting there

Will likely need to spend to finish it

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Burn 14 cans this event, but will go for 3 more to get last milestone.
Lost Crusin’ once, as I slept more then 8 hours :smiley: so 36 wheels lost here.
Lost 461 wheels as I failed last stage of roadmap first day.
SO if anyone did everyrhing till now, without buying, would mean around 7500.

Not a single penny spent to this event just f2p here


Very nice, Snizzle.

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Oh yea, I still have to complete today’s roadmap. That makes sense

Did spend some coins I had saved from leagues and playerlevelups, no real money tho.


wait…there was a crate with tires that costed coins?

cant believe it lol…explain

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no tires, but batteries and keys. I did run both maps for a couple of days.

I’d say pretty good

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I believe I’ve seen crate with key with @150coins at first day event,but now they removed key :pensive:


I’m at 8,190 tires, 20 wheels. I did a region transfer so I took advantage of some extra milestone, but I also missed an elite milestone in SR so I probably balanced out.

Burned raid cans just to reach the 1800 milestone, didn’t any other time. Haven’t bought anything either.

Did you get your magna?

I did! T4 now and seemed great in CRW!

At 9300 if I use all my raid cans. Gonna be so close.