Tired of Chit and chatter of I'll do ______ if ______ is not fixed

So. I see this outrage. Do you really have what it takes to go to the darkside?
I don’t think you do. You cry for rebellion yet you play daily. You know nothing but to misspel
Every word in your cry’s of suffering. It’s sad to see, somthing that could be, strong pain me to waste away in forums. You are played like a fiddle tight on a string. You don’t know this fact at all. But it’s so easy to see. Your just blinded by we are United. You rage your misgiving they give you 2 shillings. That’s how it works. You have no power over them. All you can do is beg they, really lose nothing. Oh no 90 people, who have paid 160$ out of 19 million are quiting, what will we ever do!!!??

You want the answer? Dont speak your rage. Don’t let them give you “compensation”
Just sit. Over time the mistakes racked up. Not attended to will grow mold. The game will be buggy. The content soggy. The whales will only complain. Then when the devs do what they say the game will be impossible for ftp. Nobody will play a game they will lose.

You can only stop skynet by having it exterminate you like a bug. I hope you know that.
Please stop complaining. For the love of Christ.


So sad.

Do you have any suggestion on how to ask for changes that players want? Or is this just the normal unintentionally ironic complaint about complaining?


I agree and am willing to go to the dark side. Scopley is a multi million dollar shit company. I hope this is the last straw for most people.

scopely.knows we will continue to play even with all these issues and.stuff ups

new s.class will be coming before crw
the wallets will out
prolly some crazy char, like zac but s class, like maim 3k all, ap down by 100 percent all
100 percent ap to all team mates
100 percent bonus hp
44 ap
first round full ap to all weapon

something crazy

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I’m serious about the solution
If you let the game get sour nobody will eat it. Even the most disgusting people

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