Tired of being ripped off

I spent money I am a survivors club and everything else and I still lose every game I play why don’t y’all keep on ripping me off even more you f****** assholes okay come on now

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Maybe you could ask for some help building your team? Just a thought maybe it’ll make you feel little bit better. There are lots of people on the forms that are willing to help.

Don’t do no good unless you spend 10k a month scopely don’t care

This game is a kidney stone

There are better games out there. Epic seven is pretty fun. Haven’t spend in that game and got a 5* 6* equivalent reviver/healer. Then the next day I got 2 summons on the Halloween banner and got the promoted toon. Waiting to hit the pay wall and I’m 2 weeks in.

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What do you lose but money or do you mean in raiding?
If raiding then meh that’s all this game is now and wouldn’t take it serious
If Money just think of ways to gain more,Easy.

I learned my lesson early on about big pulls. My heyday in the game was the end of the 5star era until the end of last year/early this year. I had the monthly pass, SC and regularly bought offers and small coin packages. Then early this year we had The Gappening and my spending dwindled down to just the monthly pass. I’m not as competitive or as active but I no longer feel ripped off or swindled.

But what boggles my mind are the players who’ve had their 5star rosters rendered obsolete, spent hundreds or thousands more for the best 6star rosters that were also rendered obsolete, and now are gunning ie spending to get these S-Class toons. Totally mind boggling.


Addiction is a terrible thing. Some will never learn how to conquer it. But let them keep the lights on this shit show of a game.

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This game is a waste of time and money


It’s all about psychology in this industry. When these so called game publishers realized how much money they could milk from gullible people, especially those who have no real life successes, they focused only on luring more people into spending for the short term kick of feeling superior towards others.

Media has the same old tricks to manipulate people. Sadly we humans are weak when it comes to these tricks, the same applies also to victims of con artists. There was a time when top factions even required you to spend if you wanted to be a part in their factions, but when you realize you don’t get anything in return or just duplicates while others always pull the latest toons you feel either like a victim or being manipulated to spend more because you want to keep this feeling of being part in something big.

Although this “big” is just a neverending cycle of death, you get nothing when you win a CRW or WoC in this game, but people will make you believe it is so cool to win something in a mobile game. This all has never been rewarding in real life and it is just sad that so many spend immense time in front of their phone when they actually could accomplish real rewarding successes in daily life.

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You pretty much summed it up there

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