Tire drop rates

Could we possibly get an increase in the amount of tires per raid during a tournament? It seems that probably most will miss out on Bruce or Sandy the further we get into the event

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5$ for 30 seconds of increased rates. Incredible value offer !


Wondering why tires don’t drop in war fights.
Oh… Second… $$$$$


“Hurr durr Im f2p and already got Bruce and sandy though. You’re not grinding hard enough”


:arrow_up: So true. Give them a second they will all be in here spouting off just how they are “dedicated” and anyone who isn’t willing to grind out a billion raids against non-stop time out garbage isn’t.

Then our whale trolls can show up say how they bought all the tires and then used both Sandy and Bruce as ascendance fodder because these were their thirds.


Kinda disappointed in this event. They are missing the boat again. If a majority of the f2p misses out on Bruce or sandy it will be very bad for them.


The majority WILL miss out. There’s no doubt about that. Even I’ve given up on this event, and I’m a regular paying player since the game came out. I’ll take my beta. Nothing will convince me to play this game for more hours a day than I work a paying job.

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It’s seems like tomorrow is going to be the big issue… there is a lack of batteries and key… I count 7 tournaments next week so after this most players should be averaging 1300 or so a day if you can complete road rage, the three cruise maps and raid with energy. So from next weeks tournaments your going to get around 9000… and remember there’s two raids next week. And then the timer says twelve days so hopefully we will have the two Monday tournaments for Monday and Tuesday road rage. Not exactly sure when it stops. It’s still conceivable but getting two is out of the question as some wanted.

Tomorrow’s a problem. They must have calculated wrong.

This is of course if everyone hits the milestones but I’m okay with making players grind. I do wish they lowered the map difficulty as it seems a lot of players are having problems with it surprisingly.

No, I’m sure they are making money hand over fist.

The only ones missing out again are the F2P as per usual.

Those players would have bought the deals anyway. I bet most bought the starter pack thinking they are going to go for two of them. I passed cause I didn’t need Bruce, and now I’m regretting it. Oh well. I do believe I’ll get there but definitely not as easy as I thought.

Good luck :four_leaf_clover:

You f2p complain about everything you got your disarm and decap event now you want to get it easier then putting in hard work

Scopley most likely say no and work for it like in rl

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Lots of f2p won’t even be getting one of the 20k characters. So yeah I think they have the right to complain.

YoU jUsT gOtTa GrInD aNd GiTgUd NoOb.

That feel when no one comes to your thread to tell you this.

Please please pretty please increase raid drops @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely

“They must have calculated wrong…”

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Could u explain how that was possible? It’s not unless u used a billion raid cans. It’s just not mathematically possible! You either paid, or used a billion cans. I’m a pretty hard grinder and I’m not even close. Or maybe you’re just full of it

Lol dude it’s sarcasm

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