I need tips for
Dante (I swap him out with a T4 BRUCE with hp mods. I swap him for confuse)
And Shiva

Shiva got a bleed on attack mod/ hp mod set
Christa has atk set
Kapoor has def set
Camilla has a def set
Dante has HP Mods/so does bruce but he’s missing on the top right.

I’ll post pics for more help.

Kapoor make him tanky, hp set is best with some hp and defense
Christa make her attack, attack set with attack and maybe hp
Camilla and shiva the same as christa
Bruce can make him tanky hp or def set with crit chance

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So hp and def? I thought people just use 5 mods of that one type.
Christa is atk. Camilla is T3 80. And she’s lead. I’ll sit her at def mods.
Shiva I put hp mods and bleed on atk.

Im gonna experiment and strip some good mods from def/hp mods from non 5 stars.

He means put an attack mod set that has hp bonus.

I got her with top left and +atk
I think I got a def or hp atk mod on her.

I’ll post my Camila’s mod set for you when I get on the game. It works well.
If you aren’t running a control toon for shield’s such as Charlie or Yumiko and aren’t running a focus to multiple AS toon, it changes what mods you’ll be needing as you’ll want more resists.

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Zander is gonna take Bruce spot in sacrifice for disarm and command. That disarm can really disable james.

The reason im big on hp is cause the meta is maim, bleed and burn which ignores defense and bonus hp so a counter to this would be hp. Unless the toon is really low in defense like Kal for example or its a decap or an attack toon like christa then attack set but for me, hp > def or attack.

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That and S class.

■■■■■■■ james. Why did they buff him?

James stole my stop sign

James is the reason why you can survive a gun fight if you bring a melee. Not in real life just in game logic.

Take his stop sign away and shove it up his ass, that will take care of James.

Disarm and command can fuck him good. Im tired of that smug ■■■■ CRIT COL DMG my toons. Kapoor Dexterity keeps him alive.

Does a lacerate toon like shiva double the bleed that she causes on the same hit? I was thinking it doesn’t work like that so i always put the bleed mods on other toons, that way i can immediately lacerate in the same round. For ex, id put it on another fast like Camilla, hit with her first to cause the bleed, then hit with shiva to immediately double it.

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Idk. Im trying not to procrastinate but Im getting salty so Im gonna hurry up. But Idk.

No she doesn’t

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