Tips for levelling S class?

Do I use trainers or am I better off during Christa and Kapoor and a 3rd person in You got lucky? I been falling back and she’s still T2 (I havent been doing the daily gold bars) I only been collecting them from the offer.

Any advice? Please and thank you

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I’ll match christa and kapoor together. I usually get a 3rd T4 toon thats not maxed in there so I can get that guarantee instead of getting very high and it fucks up.

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I should of ■■■■■■■ had stashed them pathaway bennies. Now their all gone and I use non 5* fodder to ascend. Some I keep while some I dont.

Get doing the roadmap… daily takes minutes to complete. Think if you havent missed a day of the standard map then you’ll have her T4 10 days before gold/knife collection ends… if not you might struggle to get all the knives.

If your in SC an got the extra ones you might be on course.

Hope for another benny event

Any tips for team mods. I have dante and charlie with hp mods. Camila at t3 Lvl 78
Shiva with def mods and Wyatt with atk mods. Should I swap them mods out? Cause camilla and shiva are my two easy killed toons. Any tips?

If you are not doing the roadmap for the gold bars, you might not be able to t4 her.

I put Christa in alone and get a guaranteed success rate… :thinking:

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If you can craft an absolute defence weapon for Camila and max her (and maybe promote her as well), the AI tends to ignore her. My Camila has a full attack set with: Attack, Attack on Blue, Stun Resist, Ap Down and Defence mods. With a 40% attack weapon, absolute defence and very large Ap on attack, she hits hard.

I put Christa and Kapoor together.

I need tips for mods on dante, camilla, shiva, wyatt and charlie
If def, atk, hp, crit what specific mods?

I got her with a 410 jesus sword (The one that looks like a saber at diamond)
It has atk and crit.
Better chance to reflect damage

(What level in the armory and special stat name can give you stun)

Just maxed Pete. Took everything i had :joy::joy:

Guess time
Im pretty sure the amount of league tokens spent are 250k to 1mil.

S class should have double points (Doubled from the normal amounts of six star)


Don’t have/use Dante or Wyatt.

Middle mod on Camila should be hp but I don’t have one to spare for her.

Ok so Im gonna have to steal mods from 5* (Speaking of that is it any fu**ing good to have gold mods on a 5* when all it is now is 6* and s class? Next event I’ll get my characters checked up good with mods.

I have my one turn team for old school with mods rest no

The only 5*s I give gold mods to are the ones I use for old school arena.

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Oh ok. Also.

I know it’s a 10% chance to get stun mod on def in armory. Is it just stun and bonus def or Stun,Impair, Taunt and bonus def? Cause I’ll have to experiment on a 200 wep (This is perfect for mod experimentation. Aka weapons with 2 first and second filled and 3rd empty.) 200 wep will be easier. I’ll get that to 320 or 350. Then do the mods. Regardless of failure. A perfect modded wep can get to 410-430. So yeah. I’ll reset a lucille and redo my mods. (I didnt know shit about mods and mainly did the first one/ the ones that increase 4-8 8-12 16-20) Instead of the replace mod.