Tips for legendary map

Map requires all four different types of teams so have them all ready and prebuilt. One full red, green, blue and yellow. Make sure they have items preloaded too like nades. Make sure you have 3 factions supporters in each color available as well. Be fast and good luck. They are all one human 1 wave stages. Do your best colors first, I dont think there is an order. Last stage is nightmare, as said below, so keep best supporter for last.


Thanks for this. They are not nightmare then?

They reminded me of sr level difficulty over 400. Bring a rez and you will be ok if you got good teams. They might hit a little harder.

How did you open the maps? Did you buy a deal?

This. Plus make sure you have enough orange leaves. Would also recommend enough golden leaves to open it twice

I bought the 2.99 deal worth it… I had google rewards too :>

What an opportunist :smirk:

Honestly I might not open it twice as you might have better colors. You are getting the gps/canteen for each color. Certainly of you can beat 3 and have the leaves better to reopen from scratch.

Couple of the levels just took me a long time. I didn’t have best faction support lined up which would help, plus my Green and Red teams are a bit shit from an attacking perspective.

Yeah I had to go without supporters didnt think they would be available. It wasnt as bad as I thought it would be definitely top dogs will do in 1 but good teams can get at least their two best colors done.

It will be a while before I get a go on this map, appreciate the heads up

3rd stage of each section is nightmare. So save your best faction supporter for the last stage. (S-Class Priya as lead and faction support worked just fine on the tough stage)

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