Tips for 2020 road map

3 6 8 are green humans. The rest stages are zombies. Happy holidays!


This guy is buying the map lmao wow


I bet every person in top factions are buying, because they have to stay relevant. They ones that are not buying are mooches that live off the success of the other in their factions. Its sad knowing that scopely has their hooks in them and they know it because nothing has changed.

Another big middle finger is they get an extra 260 for completeing the roadmap and is free to play get an additional 30 which we get a total of 600 all together

They get an additional 1650 on top of there 5000 so if you pay you get 6650 all together

Its two 130 choice boxes per roadmap run not just one

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It’s 2x130 a day, so 3,380 on top of the 5000 for the pay map.

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Pretty much it’s the monthly membership, unlock the map, then buying chances for apples with mean pretty much 7 purchases per day. Additional fee per day is to unlock the map. So its $400.

Vk leak checking time.

Tips for 2020 Roadmap…

  1. Play the free map only.
  2. Don’t participate in the premium.
  3. Realize this is a business & yeah they got to make money, but these prices & the escalation of toons are ridiculous.

Even worse

Ah damn, im a mooch

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It’s not worth the $ not to mention even if u spend on it u may not be able to complete since the bags r rng

The best tips ever

Here’s a tip… Screenshot_2018-12-27-17-42-10-1


Or you can opt to not participate in any of these roadmaps and lets others dominate you in 2020. Goodluck Survivor!

Thanks dude

Since they are now selling s class in the premium wheel there is no need for these shards


Soooo I subscribed to SC today (and turned on a reminder on 3rd Jan to cancel it to maintain my f2p pass) for that map without noticing the candied apple thingy

Then noticed I’ve to spend a hecc lot after that as well loooooool good for nothing, so dumb omg… absolute doodoo of an event, SC is Super Cack… what a poopy event…major crap aye aye :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:

The paid apples to even play the maps was quite a disappointment… especially for the members who shell out the $ to subscribe. Could of at least gave them an apple allowance or mystery crate of some sort.