Tips about transfers

Can anyone tell what things will be affected during transfer??

The language of your global may change entirely to a different language, the grass will always be greener till you arrive and always wear a seatbelt


The only thing it will affect it will be your score in lv up for example, when you transfer it will get reset to zero. I did my transfer yesterday and every thing else is completely the same.

If transferring mid tourni get what points can before leave then same again… I doubled my milestone beehives as went mid solo lvl up and solo raid.

If your moving as faction get faction lead to go first as they can transfer faction itself across keeping assault tokens etc… plus everyone in faction gets notification where to transfer to (sounds daft but had faction mate transfer off to another region… )

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Thanks for the tip everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

So does that mean mine SR score will also reset to zero??

All tourney progress, I am afraid - down to bronze1.

Yup so unless 1st no loss an if got cans extra bee hives

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