Tip of the iceberg

This is it, the tip of the iceberg, this is where all of this has been leading to, Scopely, it seems you have ran out of options. Unless you got an ace up your sleeve, you can try to go out with a bang but I think of the possibility that you will go out with a whimper. I think the best think to do is to except that you have finally been backed into a corner. No matter what happens though I’m gonna stick till the end, I wanna see where this goes.


I thrive on chaos. It doesn’t get more chaotic than watching the Scopely world burn.

Indeed, sometimes all you need is a bowl of popcorn and Scopely in shambles, who needs TV when you got this.

Your autocorrect slipped. I got it for you. :slight_smile:


Ah, thanks friend, that autocorrect always loves to pick that perfect chance.

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