Tip for those who need food to get Dwight


I needed 500k to get Dwight, and i was short on food, but had plenty of 2* Survivors, so i wasted 10 world refil’s on the silver Radio to get gear to sell and ascended one toon to complete it.

I had totally forgot about the silver radio’s before lol, i had around 110


I just raid and use the food I get from there. If there’s no LU, I store the food in deluxe replenishes.


Wow ty so much. Your plan works. At 300k right now. I wish I could bump this comment. I never though of doing this. Haha looks like I’ll be getting dwight after tournament. :slight_smile:


9 out of 10 players I find on my server give 15k food. That leaves me with less than 100k everytime my energy is burnt through. Not sure how it is on your server, but these 100k won’t get me far. :smiley:


Same on My server, everybody is ghosting you need to waste 50k food to find someone with more then 17k

Silver radio is an old strategy, but still work’s if you have plenty of refil’s


Yeah, that is what i usualy do, but after so many level up’s and 8x t3 6* i wasted almost everything.


I’m sitting on at least 300 Million food in storage if not More.

Get wrked


Search in normal raid. If they don’t have a decent amount of food, ignore it and do revenge raids instead (self or faction). You should have a long list to choose from, and usually you’ll find one or two with an okay amount of food. Once you’ve done one revenge raid, search in regular raids again for free. Repeat as necessary until you run out of energy, or worthwhile revenge raids to do.

I know it’s not perfect, but it gives you a tiny bit more food for the effort.


Yea, that’s what I do every now and then. But like I said, most people here are in ghost mode. So are my faction members. So the list is short. And I don’t really bother to check the raids all day long. This game is tedious enough already as is. So I don’t want to open up another timesink. :laughing:

But thanks anyways, someone else will definitely get more use out of posts like these.


Yeah, it seen’s that Revenge is the only way to get decent amount of food from raid’s


noob question: what is ghosting? TIA


If you keep your food and wood under some magic amount (I think ~10% of max), you are not placed on the raid list. No one can raid you except for revenges.


Interesting tip. 10 world refills seems like a lot for 500K food though? I know the food roadmap isn’t always available but when it is you can get about 60K food from one refill plus the drops and survivors. Definitely a good tip if you’re in a pinch though and the food roadmap isn’t available.

I’m still saving up all my world refills for the eventual legendary gear map (assuming it ever happens)


I tend to forget about the radios but it is an easy way for that extra food (and it restarts daily).
At least we can enjoy our DWIGHT now buddie :muscle:t3::muscle:t3: