Timing for next update for Apple


Is there going to be an update to catch up Apple users to same version as beta? We have someone stuck unable to use the game on the phone after testing Faction assault on an android tablet.


OT you guys killed wolf pack lol they lost 6 times to us the next war (with both their heavies as gens) then they dissolved lol. Says in other posts that it might be out today


Good to hear on update… and wolf pack was very solid competition. It was a lot closer than final tally shows.

Blitz war is a refill farming war for many so results may not indicate much. Also que is a tad skewed now when war includes one region only and uses cross server matching system.


We reported our top player in game and on forums and 2 days later the faction died and he’s done garbage. They had at least 2 other people playing on his account to keep it logged in all war. And he was using blue stacks accelerator. The new faction they made lost both blitz wars and he only put up 20k points. And he didn’t win any of the solo tournies which nnormally never happens esp a level up


Looks like no update and we are minus 1 :confused:


Well, I am right now using the latest version of apple, and I don’t face any problem while playing my games.
But many times I got stuck in my console, it is not working properly the PC.