Timing and length of weekend events


The shortened weekend events are kind of depressing. I miss having a full 2 days on the weekend to participate like we have during the week. Hopefully the 48+ hour weekend events will return and not just the level


Not to mention 23 hour SR tournaments. Means you must pay if you want to complete it, not a lot of fun nor fair but I think thats the point…


yes i agree with both points… these shorteed weekend eventsare not fun its horrible… anf then the 24hr event sunday… thats just an insult.

should be max 2 simultaneous events 48hrs to 60 hours long…


There is no reason why SR cannot run into Monday as well and overlap the Level up other than the fact that there must have been an increase in can sales, therefore, we will continue to see these 24-hour events because it’s all about the cash.


Come on people long events dont force spending to even complete milestones. This necklace event seemed to good to be true. It has been used as a false free gear event. Putting the large amount of necklaces as the final milestones in these events to short to run on natural energy only shows that scopley gives you nothing for free. Bet that once the Lori stash hits its final day we are bombarded with trainer and food offers. Never take anything on this game at face value there is always a catch now.


I got Lucas for free… will get extra gear for free. There’s still 35 more days in the event for free necklaces… Players not getting every single necklace milestone is no indication of the event being “false free.”


You assume everyone is able to hit milestones as we do. Lower players dont. The only events they have a chance to accumulate necklaces at the pace to gain lucas and gear to level him is in SR events and Raid events. Lets face it most lower players aint hitting the 1.25million or 2 million milestones. The 100k in war is probably a struggle as well. The shorter events mean less time for them as well. If they want a chance to get everything they need to get a toon and gear to level him unfortunately they may have to spend. You cant assume everyone can get what they need simply because you can.


You assume that I’ve been hitting the higher milestones. I haven’t; I’ve mainly hit the first few milestones in every event.

I’ve missed so many milestones but I’ve at least participated in each event to get necklaces here and there.

The point I’m trying to make is if players want to get “everything”, you can’t expect it to be a cake walk. It isn’t a “fake free” event simply because you can’t get “everything” you want.

I’m honestly fine with just getting Lucas, but they’ve made necklaces so accessible to players of all difficulties that players getting Lucas shouldn’t be an issue.


Thats true all you need to be is active. The event is up for another month too. If things remain as they are it shouldn’t be an issue for most


problem is with sr… the only viable way to get refills is to pay… with a 48hr long sr people can do it free. 24hr not so much. with short weekend events 1d 12/18hr, many factions with worldwide membership cannot get everyone on board for the event. if we have 2+ days it lets people get in their hits. and starting a new event on sunday just sucks.

Fewer longer events to let people do things more casually will let people think they have time to keep the game, short relentless and constant 1 day events that reset constantly will tell people the treadmill of the game is not worth it.

IMO there should be 3 or 4 event cycles max… 2 day/2 day/3 day weekend or 1 day/2 day/ 1 day/ weekend. and they can overlap during the week. the weekend should be no more than 2 simultaneous events from Friday Noon Eastern to Monday Midnight eastern. none of this crap sunday morning End/start event crap… we need a damn break from the game…


It sucks, I work at weekends and these events are finishing when I get outta work =( I couldn’t even get to use my last scav, I can’t play in Work lol, don’t understand why they can’t roll into Monday like war does,


An experiment? Really, If its half a regular tournament time then the milestones should be half as well. This is purely a money grab to buy the sr refills


Solo or faction sr as a whole for one day, we voted it’s not worth the time or coins on refills. Give us back real weekend events and than my squads will go hard and play ball.


Which part of that are lies?

I’m interested to see your argument.


SR is the worst rip off. If u want to finish it, you need to play non stop and use 5 refills. On top of it, the current one had about 5 maps in bronze with a reflect damage that was freaking high. I got about 7k damage from them with a headshot, while their max hp was maybe about 700. You have to be on the lucky side to have ur rushes charges before u hit them. Why make reflect so damn high in the bronze map?


Idk what your talking about but this event is easily the best event they have ever had. The two million milestone was one of the 4 pieces of t4 gear. If you reach 750k you get a total of 2500 necklaces. Each t4 gear costs only 1900 in this event.

By far the best event and they have been in every tournament.


I was looking forward to raiding and using fills Sunday since I was busy most the day I’m Saturday like usual but was unable to because of the shortened time. That’s the thing that’s aggravating to me. Even if I wanted to spend on an event I’m not going to because of time running out to quick.


If you use lower powered crit teams with guardians these levels shouldn’t be an issue. The problem is that you just want to auto through bronze and getting smacked with reflect damage because you were too hasty to read lol


Did you even read the calendar?


What does the calendar have to do with me being busy on Saturday. Did you even read any of the post or are you just a wannabe troll.