Timeline for war creation


I posted this and I felt like it needed its own thread. Hopefully everyone is enjoying war and smiling

I’d assume it went like this.

Cross region war ends

Monday-Everyone shows up to work, good job y’all, CRW went well. We need y’all to design the rest of the kirkman series roadmap, the new war lay out, and get started on whatever event is gonna follow kirkman roadmap. Oh, we’ve got a hand full of small bugs, stun not working, AP down not draining AP, burn damage only transferring on the first turn, etc.

Tuesday - Let’s get those bugs handled so it doesn’t keep impacting player experience.

Wednesday - bugs fixed, now get on that kirkman shit… now.

Thursday/Friday - kirkmanshit

Saturday - thank god thats over, War layout time

Sunday-Monday - cool, wrapped up that war layout, now we just need to get the war stuff together and we are good

Tuesday - let’s figure out what rewards and towers are going to be for this event, based on 870 threads on the forums, in game data based on currently toon levels/AR/Active skills.

Wednesday - got a plan, let’s get to it, call Shane so she can tell everyone what it’s gonna be.

Thursday - let’s test this and see where we are at

Thursday before lunch - Throw spencer in there and let’s see what happens… fuck. Why isn’t this working? We put him in and it’s the wrong displays. Anyone got any ideas? No? Okay, let’s grab lunch and then figure this out.


Thursday after lunch - Son of a bitch, why is it doing this!!!

Late Thursday night - Look, we have no clue what’s going on with this, let’s sleep on it, get back in here tomorrow


Friday morning - Still got nothing, it’s cool, let’s grab one of the other ascendable toons and throw them in there, we can just release spencer later… Oh you’ve got to be fucking kidding me, none of the characters work?! Fucking fuck!(wish I had negan screenshots for this so bad)


Friday after lunch - Phone rings on Shane’s desk… fuck =

Friday at 2 - “Announcement on a change to the war rewards”

Friday at 2:01 - whole forum, plus line, plus Snapchat, plus Facebook, plus telegraph lines circa 1870, plus 2 midgets talking through soup cans and string, plus Kik, plus instagram, plus tinder, plus Twitter, and even Tom from fucking MySpace…


6 PM War start time - entire walking dead community



Haha well constructed and extremely entertaining!


Well, I would enjoy this post, if we can actually war now, but we can’t because the new matching system prohibit any players with higher reputation to war. Now we can’t war AT ALL! It’s about 3 hours searching now. Enjoy your weekend!


Always nice to see Tom and the midgets make an appearance. Bravo.

Also, here’s two midgets for you. One seems to be consoling the other. Seemed appropriate.


Very appropriate and the circus attire is fitting for the people we play with lol


Haha that’s true, we love this game for itself, community and competition


Seriously as much money as they make of this game u would think they could afford to hire better programmers testers and just general manage ment people that know how to run a company I know u guys try but after two years of this it’s seriously getting old when are u guys going to get ur act together and live up to the walking dead series name