Timeframe for issue ID and resolution


I’m just curious about the time it takes to identify a problem, in this case the SR tournament, and implement various fixes/solutions to said problems. In the past, particularly Victorgate, problems have been identified and addressed immediately, and fixes have occurred within hours. Today, we get the message about SR being broken, and seemingly pretty quickly, there’s a replacement tournament, of a different type, with a rank reward structure unique to a concurrently running museum event.

Forgive me if I’m paranoid, or suffering from selection bias, but this seems especially suspect, when other issues have arisen which go unacknowledged for much longer, or are met with indifferent/ambiguous replies, and things like “visual issues” result in rank rewards being changed last minute.


Yeah it’s inconsistent.

Sounds like the SR bug was an existing issue they thought they had fixed but hadn’t. At least it seems like they’re actually testing things meow




What changed from the end of the last SR tourney to the start of the one scheduled for today which led to it being broken? :woman_shrugging: