Timed offers generally unfavourable to Europeans

Seen a SS of a few offers the last couple of weeks where when i wake up in the morning they are not there. I was playing the game non stop last night as my kids were sleeping out (homeless i dunno lol) but none of these offers popped up for my account. main ones being tokens for konrad or the 2300 half price coin offer.

please extend these offers so they dont pop up at 2am uk time thanks

Don’t forget about the Asians and the Aussies. I think we all missed it too

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Yeah, that sucks. I live in California, very close to where Scopes has their headquarters, and even then many offers come on at the strangest times. So, that’s an annoying inconvenience, they really need to do something, anything, about this.

New Zealanders got the coin one if they were up early enough for work lol

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