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With regards to game play: Surely you can set up a region/computer server that does not conform to USA start & finish times for all events?
I see this as a major disadvantage in all aspects of the game when playing, being on GMT myself I am always behind, for example the new SR were finishing first is the aim… how does that benefit anyone outside of the USA. With so many regions, some not as active as others there must be something you can do in regards to making one of them GMT or other. It goes without saying that GMT does not just cover the UK but also parts of Europe, Africa, Norway, Greenland, Turkey, Brazil to name a few on a +3/-3 hour difference.

Depending on your computer servers a program which manages access to a centralised resource or service in a network could be adapted to accommodate this.

I am not trying to break up current factions but I believe this would be beneficial to the gamer and yourselves in many ways if you think about it.



The SR does not reward the person that completes it first so the timers for that is irrelevant. This said I do agree with you. The Berserk war that was held this week was great for the European players, not so great for the Western part of Canada and US.

Wait what? It started 1am tuesday morning and ended 2 am on wendnesday. Regular working people had to stay up until that time to not loose the placement during the final hours which they mostly tryharded during work breaks. Thats very unconvenient for most europeans.

/edit i originally answered someone who wrote that eu players were in a an advantage with the times of berserker blitz


Its been a long pending request to have the event times rotated.

But Scopely doesnt seem to care or maybe they are unable to provide support during non-US hours, which is pretty poor for an organisation of this size catering to users from across the world.

Either way its really unfair to a large section of the players.

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Working people where I am from got to war at the start and that is it and no chance to fight for placement…

In a 24 hour faction event everyone gets the exact same opportunity. The finish time does not really matter if it is a multiple of 24 hours since there will always be faction members online to help the final placement.
In a solo event it is different because if a player is not on at the finish time, they can be easily pipped by others for higher placement. Since almost all solo times benefit the US timezone (in particular all arenas every day), it makes it exceedingly difficult for those of other timezones to finish first unless they waste resources to make an unassailable lead.


I might of worded this post differently…

The fact still remains from my point of view is that they should be able to set up/run a separate game on a different time zone.

With regards to customer support all you get is a reply stating they will be in touch within 24hrs so it does not matter what time zone you are in.


I think scopely is secretly aussie

most events finish 8 to 9am and start 10 am lol

don’t change anything, ever

Finish time means everything in a event, ever been pipped at the post in those final minutes, ever had to put up stupid points before you go to bed🤷🏼‍♂️ It’s about time these times get rotated to suit everyone around the world


Yes I was thinking the same as being as asian player even if i pushed far away from others for 1st then when i woke up next day im far from top and i couldnt be able to push more at last moment. This seems particularly disadvantage for players like us

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This has been brought up multiple times, I’ve even brought it up myself being that I’m from UK.

We lose out on being able to use a YGL/B&M, unless willing to stay awake until 1am. Also you leave yourself open to being sniped for solo events, unless you stay up late.

I’ve given up on going for 1st places, I aim for around 5th & hope to be top 10 still when I wake up.

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