Time when starting special FA will end?

I read somewhere that the last day to start FA is on January 6th but there is not a time, does anyone know the time?

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December 6th has passed :rofl:


Now THAT is certain!

lmao sorry I just edited it!!

I don’t know of a time limit where you can last start an assault but the museum collection end at 4pm PST January 7th so I’m assuming as long as you finish before then


I am also wondering. I’m hoping the sweaters stay in FA rewards until the collection ends on the 7th,

But they are supposed to stop giving the daily FA tix free offer the 6th. I hope the sweaters don’t disappear frm FA on the 6th.

@JB.Scopely what is your guys plan for this? When will sweaters disappear from FA rewards and will they disappear in the middle of an FA? Or if we start it when rewards are listed will they stay till completion

can we please get a time? is it gonna be over after war? I’d like to know so I can start FA before it ends

Yes, the time when a FA needs to be started to obtain sweaters, and/or the time when the FA must be finished to obtain sweaters would be greatly appreciated @JB.Scopely

Has this been answered anywhere yet?

Not officially but it will most likely end a day before the collections end (4 pm PST Sunday).

I need only 2k more

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