Time to Upgrade Shield Lee and other shields to legendary Scopely

Now That we Have Koa Let’s make the old shields Ascendable.Only seems right


Yes I would agree one of them

Not gonna happen for a long time. People will pay for shields. They won’t make it easy for anyone to get one who is not willing to pull for one. I’m gonna wait until the next war when I face him before passing judgment but with active skills, I just don’t see shields being what they once were.


If they make an existing shield ascendable and they want to make money, then they’ll do one of the shields that has never appeared on the five star wheel like blue Garrett or red Magna.


Haha good one.

Took two years and 6s announcement before they offered a way for F2P to get a shield. Not likely in the near future. May long after my region has shut down.

Fingers crossed

Blue Garrett seems like the obvious choice since few have him. They could also go with green jesus too. Not sure why scopely hasn’t made a lot of the less-owned characters ascendable and simply advertised them as they would any new ascendable premier toon. They’d be bound to make money off it, and get goodwill with the player base. Plus, it’s only half the work as creating an entirely new ascendable toon, so they could run two new legacy Ascendables at a time in order to also reach out to the crowd who don’t have the other toon. They could just run the statistics and figure out which two characters are often not seen in the same roster, and then just run the promos for those two characters at the same time.

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Shield are worthless man

I wouldn‘t say worthless but I prefer guardian over shield any time.

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Exactly guardians are 1000X better than shields

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They haven’t been focused on legacy toons and I don’t see the shift happening anytime soon. To your point if so few have the toon, to begin with, why would they bother to ascend that? The f2p won’t pull or pay for a stash so once again your audience is the whales and they are probably the ones who have the toon already so then they won’t be spending either so it’s a lose-lose situation. They don’t care about appeasing the few thousand f2p that might have one of the rare 5 stars. The next shield will come in 3-6 months and it will 5x better than Koa so people will spend for it and it will be a brand new toon.

Upgrade konrad to a ascendable character… (:

Sorry, but I’m going to have to say I called it :slight_smile:

Kal isn’t a shield, but he’s not any more common than some of the shields… if he makes some money for scopely, then we will probably see more legacy toons showing up as premier recruits.

I think the first shield should have been the first 5* shield,

OG Red Garrett

that’s the only reason I haven’t used him as fodder yet


Red Garrett wasn’t the first shield, green Lee was.

Called what exactly?

Kal has been on the ascendable list from like 5 months ago, lol. Only the whales or top players have him as he was a prize and the f2p won’t be pulling for him. My exact point. Lose-lose.

Plus he really stinks. No one in thier right might is gonna spend any money on a pull for this turd.

Glad to see someone gets it. :+1:

For sure there will be free 6stars shield

They are no longer unbeatable

Yet can help f2p player to survive
So the p2p will stay for hunting
Although they are the actual prey
Milk cow for Scopely

Lee was the first shield. Garrett was second. Had him in my OG region on single coin pull.

I think fast AR taunting tanks with Stun on defense or absolute def are better than shields right now. I may change my mind after I face Koa a few times. He has a really high Defense and stun is the only way to stop his heal.