Time To Stop now? OP S-clas - Comic Event NOT in Favor for users

I’ve been playing this game for almost a year and finally FINALLY LUCKY and having a decent team, ehm - I can also strike Pete teams but with all this new S-class thing I feel that I’m kicked back to scratch again, ofc there aren’t so many of s class yet but I’m kind of afraid of the future and seriously consider quit, I also feel sad for the new players :frowning:

Imagine just start this game and be happy you get your first 6* - maybe Carl or Mirabelle, if you have enough medals to acseend her, or you join the SC and see Zach 160 comics that you need to have in what? 50 days ? XD

I don’t know - I have an empty feeling atm. Should I keep surviving and grind or…

But how many of you really consider quitting the game now ?

And wtf is going on with SC Comic Toons ? For those that was here from beginning of the event we can’t even Finnish Axe event (take the 30comics) and maybe decide which toon we take as they REsTART the event exact same date / time as they remove Donny - Jaus and Zach!!! That’s not good enough for me, and it’s like they shit on their players that actually :moneybag: every month!!! @JB.Scopely not good enough - extend they countdown of toons for one day at least !!!


I would, plenty of other games that will reward you better for your money and/or time


Name some - with such huge network of players like this one ? I don’t know them - could be funny to try and see xD

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I’ll quit this game after war, it became a burden for me, very time consuming and u need a shed load of cash so u can consider yourself playing


You don’t need to have 160 comics in 50 days. Yes it would be nice to get Zach but it’s deliberately designed so that not everyone will be able to get him otherwise what’s the point? They’re probably still making a lot of money on him so why make him easily accessible for everyone? Some people had been saving comics for months because Scopely had given SC members no new benefits. Those are the people Zach was probably aimed at.

This idea that every milestone, every collection, every mission should be easily obtainable by every player seems to be a common theme on here.

Also I agree that S class being introduced sucks massively but people had the exact same reaction when 6* stars were announced and suddenly whole 5* rosters were rendered useless. But we’re still here. Some will quit and some will soldier on til Scopely’s greed finally kills the game.


Try out clash of clans

I for one am quitting. Too many bugs. I know it doesn’t affect everyone, but for those of us with glitched accounts the game is unplayable .

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@Bane has ruined the game for everyone ugh what a joke

Was 6stars introduced like this aaaaaa don’t think so. Don’t rewrite history it’s weak. Free 6 stars during event, lies that all 5 star would be ascended, lies that they wouldn’t sell them or put them in wheels yes. But no 6stars were not introduced as a p2p element nice try scopley fan boy white knights what ever…


How’s that now another joke of a statement s class was released before playerunited started and so was the screen shot of prya that keep getting deleted from forums get your facts right. Scopley done playing you mugs.


I’m not a Scopely fan boy by any means nor did I suggest 6*s were introduced in the exact same way. I never mentioned the pay to play element. But people still had the same complaints about how their 5 stars were useless against them. That was my point. Try reading what people are actually saying before getting abusive.

The reaction to 6 stars was not the same is that clearer for you.

That’s not how I remember it but whatever. Keep trolling.

You give a everything is fine speech there when it is not, that annoyed me I reposed to. Passing on scopleys bull. Hate or like wrote I don’t care if you believe this is anything close to the 6 star reset of the game your sadly mistaken. But looks like your happy enough just u continue on your day nothing to see here.

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One thing that’s disappointing is the grind for Pete is going to take well over a year if u don’t use $$$


I don’t think I’m quitting even with six stars, but I’m definitely done with spending and competitive play. S class wars don’t even sound fun.
I get that theoretically… If I play hardcore and get into a good faction, I can get free six stars. But I loved this game for not being a shard collection game. So it’s lost a lot of value there alone


Wrong again. I said it sucks massively.

But when 6 stars came out people quit, they complained about how they’d spent time, effort and money building a roster that was now useless. I myself stopped pulling for toons after I finally wised up and realised my money had been wasted. I’m not happy with S class, far from it. I just said that some will quit and some won’t. Same as every other time we haven’t liked what they’ve done.

Don’t forget that when six stars came out, they became every promo. But now in between s class they are going to have new six stars and notice people mainly pulling for s class and think it’s The right move to make s class

Agree, I have t spent my comics - I have 119 and the sad thing is I have around 174 once they again remove Zach - Donny - Jesus LoL sad right? And the thing that pisses me most is that I’ll miss Zach on the very last day/ because they designed it in that way so the SC and axe event restarts exact the same time when Zach is removed.

I made an mistake - I leveled Julie (as I’m not using) to tier3 and in that way I do t have exact enough comics before the last Axe is archived!! I think that a lot of players are in my boat / and I had SC from the first day!! I asked multiple times for them to extend the counter 1 ■■■■■■■ day, but you know ofc what supports wrote back… zzz… but it’s not only me, imagine first customers in SC? And they don’t even get time to archive the 7 of 7 axe before they remove Jesus - Donny and Zach!!! @JB.Scopely

That’s not fair and greed!

I remember all the people that quit because of 6s. I don’t blame them at all. I would have been asking for massive refunds if I had spent boat loads on 5s just to have them made irrelevant by 6*s