Time to roll back the power creep


At the start of 6s you gave them a fat boost to make 5s irrelevant. However now there is no need for said boost, since the slow rollout of gear to get our legendaries to tier 4 is no longer much of an issue because of the current event underway… Take back this boost and make defenses actually able to defend again… Thoughts?


Won’t happen


No thank you


Totally off topic, but your profile pic. I remember that shit. :joy::joy::joy:


“The strength of a grizzly, reflexes of a puma, and the wisdom of a man”


Hell no. Spent a ton of time working on my team. The 5-stars time has come and gone. It’s like pining after your ex a year after she dumped you. Time to move on.


Would it not make all the money you spent on having a decent 6* defense worth it though


Not a lot of money spent really. Just a big grinder. It amazes me how often I do get defends. There is almost no one that gives me problems. The game is set up so you win 99% of the time. Defense is dead.


Yeah and as if the whole andrea meta was any more fun than the sixes.
(i’m agreeing with you btw)


At the time I had two of her along with taunt Michonne from a very lucky single pull. Those were the days, lol.


I remember trying to run reds a lot then.
Was not fun trying to


I managed to get two Andreas, but only once she was totally useless.


No thanks, just start to make 6* toons that can actually hold their line and pop some succesful defenses.


There is no money in defends. Winning 99.9% of the time is starting to get boring. Take out the challenge and it takes out the fun. Games like this are not supposed to be so easy you can auto raid 95% of the time. It requires no thought to win. With out the challenge there is nothing really worth playing for. 3x speed killed the ability to build stall teams to defend on time outs and new dissarm toons are making those weapons that took so long to create obsolete. All thats missing now is a tokn that can not be stunned or impaired or confused or taunted on attack. That will be the nail in the coffin of the game.


Nah games like these are made to be easy. It’s to stroke peoples egos. When people are happy they will spend. If people lost all the time they would get frustrated and quit.


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