Time to rethink?

You’ve killed the ability to earn decent rewards in league, might be time to rework the rewards in both arena and leagues. Used to be for middling players they could get 700 coins from diamond league and maybe a blowtorch or 2 from arena now only the top can get it. Increasing rewards and the amount of people who receive them would go a long way to making this new league work


Also allow us to use normal 5 star trainers again to make 6 stars

Yes allowing Brian’s to ascend would be okay or simply changing it to tokens only

Better let them return the gold for everyone in the league so it will be easier to play for everyone, and not make more donations, the fact is that not everyone can donate (I also can not donate)

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Idk who in scopely team thought of hey let’s just keep restarting them every season back in gold 1 yea that seems like a good idea but I am tired of not being able to get anything in arenas now I thought I had a decent team but I cant get past 60th no matter the damn arena that’s up


New league is dead for me,I will sandbag every non war week from now on, trust me unless you spend big you can’t compete, now I’m pretty active ok very active and been promoted every week even last week cuz of war, but this week fk me I’m going to hit 2400 in raid and will finish pretty much last lmao😂


Leagues are impossible to compete unless you spend. Guess thats what they were aiming for. I know you need money to develop games but now this is just leeching. I have to say with disappointment I might add, no matter what retort scopely have, they care not a jot for players.


It‘s mostly people who’ve saved resources when they intentionally stayed in lower leagues for months to obtain rings, those push in leagues like batshit now.

Zero fun having a perfect run in Old School and ending up in the 70s because it’s all based on luck of who your opponents are. Major changes need to come to leagues and arenas for next season or Scopely will lose a lot of players or everyone will just sandbag which most of the changes were meant to do the opposite. This update needs major reconsideration.


In my old school this week top 20 were 1k of eachother, top 70 within 4k. Smh


way too many people in each league. Seems just like a ploy to get people to burn raid cans and arena tix that’s they’ve saved up.


Actually there’s been a lot of stuff like that lately. Like all the high energy roadmaps with duff rewards

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I agree with @Olddog

The simplest change to make that would also increase rewards across the board in my opinion would be to make each group smaller. There are almost 200 players in my platinum 2 group. Just having more groups per division with less players in each would help to improve rewards for everyone. Say you are middle of the pack, 100th place doesn’t get much for rewards. Now if groups were 75 or 100 players instead of 200 then all of a sudden for the same effort you are top 50 or better and actually getting something.

Rewards still need to be improved across the board but going back to how it used to be with only roughly 75 people in each grouping would be a huge improvement


leagues probably makes more money for them now then ever. Your crazy if you think they care at all for how much you enjoy it when the Benjamin’s keep rolling in. Keep surviving tho

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I normally can get between 10th and up in arenas before but now I cant crack 50th and right now I’m in the 100s cause of this shit and everytime I leave the game and come back I keep going down in ranks and no matter my matchups and can turn 1 the defenses it dont matter I cant get more points then others

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Among others, the points made above all contribute to this game feeling more like work than fun. There’s been a fairly steady progression in that direction. My faction, ftp all, is tapering off any playing at all.

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I’ve taken a screenshot during the second week of the new league in Gold II

the top player scored 755.595 points in 8 minutes and 11 seconds.
I don’t even try to compete with that level of players and that’s the reason why we should be in different categories.

I can accept to be a punching-bag for whales, not a problem, but the main complication now is with rewards: simple stuff like cutting fluid for example: I’m getting used to limit my weapon crafting to 2/3 tries a week (the cutting fluid I can buy on league store + some bonus I can find somewhere).


All the stuff they said would be appealing simply just isn’t.
Listen to your players and fix this.

They won’t. They never have and never will.

And what about league store… the worst ever!!! They ruined everything, even the chance of interested players to start the season buying Jackson instead you have to chase him into the unfairness of the arenas or repetitive events for league points to try to get promoted just to get less stuff than before. And at the end by the time some players finally can get all cards for him , the season will be over and another crap toon will be released and Jackson will be history, making this season a complete waste of most players time and effort put into this incredible downgrade of season.