Time to own up on YOUR mistakes


You always deflect it or dont fix a lot of your problems, war cans dropping, pulls, plenty of others I dont feel like typing.

Idc if someone spent 300$ YOU should refund ALL COINS, ALL 5* tokens, and ALL Prestige tokens that have been used in the last hour. To everyone…for once own up and admit and fix your mistake.

Shut the game down for “maintenance” for an hour…
But this is the last straw. Quit RIPPING PEOPLE OFF and STEALING PEOPLES MONEY, or people who are grinding like @Justabox to get 5* tokens then he pulls a 3* as well as a handful of people. Sounds like a clear indication that all wheels are set to give you the lowest possibly thing you can recieve, with 1/5000 throwing someone a bone.

Such a joke.
War rewards will wonderful to see soon.



This thread will be closed and merged into another thread thats sort-of related to your topic. Don’t worry your comment will be buried inside 10,000 other merged replies. Nothing quite like hiding criticism in plain sight. (Just scroll down a few pages as see!!!).

Edit: Looks like I was right. No idea why my post was flagged. What rules did I break? Is there a rule against predicting the outcome of threads?

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This post is non-constructive and against forum guidelines, furthermore, schedueled maintenance is a normally live game situation and is announced ahead of time.

Thank you.


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