Time to include more s-class collectibles (poll)

I know scopely will do what they want after all, but do you think more s-class shards need to be included in milestones etc… Seeing that there’s too many s-class characters still to collect and one s-class is released every 2 weeks even f2p needs a chance

  • More s-class items need to be included
  • I’m a spender I don’t care

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I think more need included and voted as such. But some forum users like @DrJank have valid theories as to why this might not be as good an idea and you haven’t really included an option for them to select. You’ll need to include more varied and less biased options for a poll to be taken seriously (by players, obviously Scopely don’t take anything on the forum seriously… well, unless you mention ‘that’ article followed by links on where to report them)


Either more collection items (slightly increase), or a better way to acquire torches. I mean these RNG bags for coins are a damn joke when you always get the lowest amount of torches.

They could also add collection items as raid reward during raid tournaments. Between 2 and 8 pieces for starters.


In my opinion they need to improve the sistem, because complete a collection takes a lot of time, and when you finally get it there are another 10 new character better than yours, everyone want to have the best charcters, and museum could have an important place on the way we see the game.

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Im a spender, i dont care.

That is great and i had to pick that lol that is a lot of peoples attitude till they are affected by something, they dont care.

Of course i would like more s class items, even having enough torchs to run that roadmap everyday would be a huge step forward.


The third option is missing:

“- I’m docile and never mind being treated like sh’t”

Btw current voting system is flawed.
We all know that 1 spenders voice should be worth a least a 1000 of non-spenders. Fix it ASAP.

System improvement exists it’s pulling

Don’t forget gear, I’ve stopped pushing for any S-class as there’s no point🤗

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Specifically S-Class collectable crates

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