Time to finally limit Revives Scopley....?

Horde mode suffers from the the same problem the human gameplay does.
It’s way too easy to just stick 5 revives in a team and bonushp, revive and def Buff to complete boredom.

Will you finally sort your game out and actually bring tactics back.
P2w F2P it doesn’t matter anymore. Everyone has 3-10+. Revives now…

Put new team building limits in place and improve the game.


I stand behind this thread. Too bad scopely does not.




Why would they limit the revives seems like a dumb idea to me, hordes just needs to add dog tags to def the same way they do on off no need to stop people from using whatever toon they bought this is just another crying topic nothing helpful tbh



I had one match where it got down to Erika, Zeke and guardian Hershel. My boom box walker kept bringing in reinforcements, but the stun guns on Zeke and Erika kept them blocked off an unable to be properly swarmed, so she kept rushing.

Hershel was brought back and killed about 12 times. I’m not joking or exaggerating.


… or telling tall tales or embellishing!

I endorse this comment :joy::stuck_out_tongue:

Just change your strategy to decapitate items/walkers and debuff items lol.

Talking about strategy…


I’ll say it again, their damage calculator is all messed up for this event.

Walkers with 11k attack hitting toons with 4k def shouldn’t be hitting for 3-400 damage.
That’s like a fight between a team of 6* attacking a 5*.

5 OP walkers munching on a toon might kill a toon… But then a revive, come on.

It’s a busted add-on


I’ve been saying this forever. Or at least have a penalty. Toons getting revived and immediately rushing is a ■■■■■■■ joke. But Scopely done care as it’s a money maker :pensive:


You have walkers which can decrease their ap. Use them wisely and there wont be any revive.

I don’t like the idea of comparing anything in this mode to the rest of the game. This new feature should be completely independent. The revive meta is almost gone at the top of the game. It’s now turning into guardian/command/status affects so Alice/Diego can’t rush.

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Just use decap walkers and commands. It’s not hard, guys.

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Did it occur to you that everyone has different cards? Lol it’s a new game mode and everyone is facing different teams and learning which I what the forum is for disscussion…anyways if you get the card for adding decap I typically use that as walkers get closer targets. It’s hard to place these decap walkers in at precisely the right time to land a kill. We do not control the walkers and they swerve all over. Its basically luck. I placed as many abs defense and elusive walkers as possible and also if you get heal reduction cards those help for when everyone is about to pop.

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Use decapitate and 100 heal reduction commands for hordes. That solves the revive problem

It’s also way 2 easy to get headshots on people making your walkers useless.

Knife blade attachments are the second most common rarity. And biters are the most common walker card.

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Also ap drains and stunners

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Also reading item’s description.

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Tbh it’s hard… Take me 15 min everytime to figure out a good team

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